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In Washington state, Jackpot flower is grown using the finest organics and soils in the Pacific Northwest. Our oils are produced using a solvent free CO2 process that creates a pure oil loaded with cannabinoids and terpenes. All the fats, cellulose and other residues that do not enhance your experience are gently removed. Jackpot is always free of harsh chemicals and additives.

In Nevada, Jackpot is a CO2 distillate with a broad spectrum cannabinoid profile and blend of all natural, strain specific terpenes, providing a balanced blend of high potency and rich flavor. Jackpot offers up to 90% THC potency with a broad range of therapeutic cannabinoids and flavorful terpenes in short run limited strains. Combined with a high quality hardware delivery system, our vape cartridges and disposables are guaranteed to produce large volume draws time after time. Jackpot oil is strain specific, providing an experience linked to the unique properties of the particular strain used in extraction.

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