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Regenerative & BIPOC Grown Boutique Hemp Flower & Medicinals

Our story

At Simply Sol, we’ve committed to growing hemp flower and products with a deeply respectful consideration for the symbiosis of plants and people. In our experience, only multi- generational sustainable farming principles ensure the highest quality, stable, low to no-show THC varieties bred to easily surpass federal regulations while cultivating a stronger medicinal experience. Without pesticides or heavy inputs, we can proudly guarantee the resiliency and potency come from within. As a BIPOC/ Female owned farm, going the extra mile to to provide thoughtful compassionate care for land, plants and people comes naturally as our mission is medicine.

In Principle.
The name says it all, simply sol. Only organic home brewed ingredients, clean water, and plenty of sun goes into our premium hemp and scenic farmland. We strive to close the loop on our land, in our communities, and in our ethics via innovative outreach and localized partnerships to fully support and utilize the abundant resources of all voices, surroundings and cultural lineages of the land. From the ground up, we’ve structured our company to significantly reduce waste, work with the land, and to represent a more sustainable option for the hemp and cannabis industry on multiple levels.

In Practice.
Our continuous goal is to provide homeostasis by allowing nature’s beneficial systems and companion plants the space to do their magic. Mother knows best on our farm and we seek to follow her lead everyday, because we understand that when the land is balanced, the circle of life takes care of all issues. We build life in our soil with fallen logs and typical “farm waste” sourced from our own property. We grow flowers to attract predator bugs and pollinators to naturally combat pest issues. We water our crops with the abundant rainwater of the PNW. Overall, we proceed with closed loop farming to only add to the abundance the farm has to offer season after season.

These principles and practices guide our entire operation from seed to product, but honestly, this compassionate care is evident in the flavor, potency and efficacy of our plants and products. See for yourself by shopping our wide selection of delicious and nutritious offerings today

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