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THC Recreation Station

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THC Recreation Station

The THC Recreation Station Salem named the better dispo in Salem and one of the best in Oregon keeps bringing you the deals that have made us famous. Established in 2013 under the Oregon Medical Marijuana Act signed by voters in 1998; we don't claim OG because we have proven it. In 2022 Leafly and our customers have spoken, and we are named the best dispensary in Salem, Oregon and really have been since 2013. We are proud to be the dispensary of choice for patients and customers in Salem, South Salem, South Central, Southeast Salem, Morningside, and Southeast Mill Creek. For a long time, we have been partnered with the best producers (growers) and processors (labs) in Oregon; Meraki, Avitas, Better, Hellavated, WYLD, Buddies Brand, Theorem with Hapy Kitchen, Concrete Jungle & Sand Castle Hash Rosin Co, Entourage Cannabis, Toking Farm, Drops, Hush, White Label, Dr. Jolly's, Jam, Sacred Herb, Cascade Valley Cannabis, Keef Drinks, Magic Drinks, High Desert, Botanical Laboratories, Beatniks, Empower, Brenda's, Canna Crispy, Caked, Calyx Craft, and Gron to name a few. We don't mean to boast but ask any of these friends or the ones we serve about our character. You will find out that we are honest, compassionate and dedicated. We are their "home" and are known as the "Cheers" of the cannabis industry here in Oregon. Not only do we have the most competitive prices and best customer service in Oregon but we also offer daily deals! We love saving you money each day of the week. Speaking of each day of the week, we are open every day, yes 365 days of the year, yes every holiday, from 10am to 10pm. We are here for you! Yes! we are the type of business that founded the Cannabis Industry, that small mom-and-pop shop with the moxie to fly 2 fingers in the air and do what is right. We Believe In All People, All Safe, All The Time, Love, Nature Quest. Don't miss out on our Daily Deals. We offer our finest extracts, concentrates, flower and edibles at a discount to you! And, THC Recreation Station Salem has loyalty stamp cards! Fill your card with 10 stamps and apply it towards 15% off your next purchase. Discounts stack up to 25% off! We give you a stamp with every visit and offer triple stamps (3X) if you purchase the vendor brand of the day! Our Daily Deals are: >Entourage Cannabis Monday - 30% off Entourage's yummy Dabs, Cartridges, and Flowers plus you get 3x stamps when you buy their brand also you can save 10% off all other cartridges, >Buddies Brand/Patients Tuesdays - 30% off Buddies Brand & BBrand products with 3x stamps and 20% off FECO/RSO, >WYLD Wednesday - 40% off WYLD Medical, Recreational and WYLD CBD THC-Free products as well as Wyld’s new hash rosin edibles Good Tide and you get 3x loyalty stamps, >Avitas Thursday - 30% off Avitas, Better and Hellavated products & 3x stamps, >Hapy Kitchen Friday! Save 40% and get 3x stamps for buying any Hapy Kitchen products. All other solid edibles and drinks are 10% off too! >Shatterday by Concrete Jungle - 30% and 3X stamps for Concrete Jungle & Sand Castle Hash Co’s purchases and 20% off ALL extracts. >Meraki Sunday – 30% off ALL Meraki Gardens, as well as 10% off all Tinctures and all Drinks! Also, HUSH Cartridges are 30% Off. 3X Stamps for Meraki Purchases too! Additional savings include: 20% off your Rick Simpson Type Oil (RSO) Full Extracted Cannabis Oil (FECO) on Patient Tuesdays Our Everyday Discounts include: ! - Clinic Family Discount - If you have gone through our OMMP Registration Clinic at 1st Step Clinic, then ask for your 10% clinic family pricing! ! - Commuter Discount - If you commute from outside of Salem let us know and get 10% off! ! - Veterans Discount - Veterans receive 10% off! ! - It's Your Birthday Discount - receive 10% off! ! - Review Discount - Give us a review on Leafly & receive 10% off! ! - First Responders, Teachers and Civil Servants discount they receive 10% off! ! - Cannabis Family Discount show your OLCC Worker's permit or id indicating that you are cannabis industry connected! ! - And you can get 10% for "Reppin" Our Gear! At the Station you can stack these discounts up to 25%. >>>>>Vendors’ Notice: We are asking that all vendors schedule an appointment for introduction and possible vending opportunities. This is due to our clinic and patient scheduling and our daily operation needs.<<<<<

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10am - 10pm
10am - 10pm
10am - 10pm
10am - 10pm
10am - 10pm
10am - 10pm
10am - 10pm

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