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“Prices are quite high compared to other dispensaries. One manager seems very aggravated toward employees and customers in general. I would recommend choosing a place with better atmosphere and selection.”

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“Canuvo is a great place. It's located with plenty of ATMs and restaurants around. Going through the front door is very simply and systematic and it keeps things flowing. Once you sign in, you're allowed into the dispensary where you can browse menus or just hop right into the fast lane room. 8 really like the fast lane room because if you already know what you want it a 2 minute process. What I don't like is when you are in the fast lane or in the waiting room, waiting to make a purchase I always in a way feel somewhat rushed. Even if I'm not buying 10 strains, I want to be able to look at each strain individually. The bud tenders are always super nice and will pull each strain to show me, but with all the menu items you simply can't investigate one thing to buy. If they had more products on open display, with pricing and a small description, they would have so much more of a commercial cash flow. So it sucks not having at least one of each product on open 24/7 display only. The product itself is pretty good. I like the new super "seedy" savers, which is packages of flower that are herms' and produced seeds, bad for buisness but good for me, but hey it was discounted so maybe it wasn't that bad. Other times I've had flower there I'm always happy, except one time I did find let's just say "a contaminant" from a strain I had purchased HOWEVER this was a home grown strain, as well as the super seedy, so I can't hold canuvo responsible for the bad strains sometimes, but they need to have a more strict intake buying policy from caregivers. In a dispensary you just can not, can not have any products that perform only as good as the unregulated product. All in all canuvo is fantastic, I go in about every other 2 days or so, get my 3 day supply, and I'm out. The staff is always always super friendly, and at a place like this like come on, they do a damn good job of being professional, 8 never have in inkling that someone on the job there is currently blitzed. Being a regular customer I really really NEED the price to go down”

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