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Serving Salem, Oregon since 2012, Cherry City Compassion is a clean, discrete and professional OLCC licensed recreational cannabis dispensary with the best quality products and prices in the Mid-Valley! Our showroom design allows us to serve multiple customers\groups at a time, eliminating time wasted waiting in the lobby. We also have an extensive selection of bulk flower strains, topicals, concentrates, extracts, and medibles. We cater to both beginners and connoisseurs alike, with knowledge, service and compassion. ALL PRICES ARE BEFORE TAX


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Hello, we have added several new discounts. Including certain 45th strains at half ounce and ounce pricing. We are also doing certain strains 30% and 50% off daily!

Valid from 3/14/2018.

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“This was my first time at this location. My immediate hesitation was that this place was really awkward. It was locked up like Ft. Knox and I had to flash my ID at this wizard of oz type gatekeeper and get this purple card. Then flash my ID again and give up the purple card. I get that they want to make sure nobody underage gets it but it was really strange. I'm already kind of shy about going into these places and this just didnt help. I felt like I was going into a Porn store or a an underground poker club or something. I felt like I was doing something wrong. Bizarre. Once I got in however the woman behind the counter did a great job and was very friendly. I knew what I wanted because of looking it up on leafly in advance and their prices and inventory was exactly what they put on their which was nice. Again I am anxious about going to dispensaries so I like to have a plan. She knew a reasonable amount about my choice and made a few recommendations. The prices were good for some strains and above average for others. I will say the quality was excellent on all the flower I purchased. They had some unique strains too I hadn't heard of anywhere else. They weighed the product manually and didn't have all those pre-made little pill jars like I see elsewhere. That is always something I appreciate as the product seems much fresher. She did not use gloves when dispensing the product or handling the money. This is something I see about half dispensaries do who manually weigh out the cannabis. I dont know if it makes a difference because they used chopsticks but the idea of having the gloves and being sterile was always something I thought was nice. Overall the variety and kind bud tender was a big plus. The strange entrance and procedure was the only major drawback. I would go back again.”

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“Phenomenal, only suggestion is price. Some things are just a little on the spendy side. ”

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