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October 21, 2022
Always fast friendly service and great quality meds for the price
October 3, 2022
Verified Shopper
I have not smoked in about 10 years. Just looked to see what This site offered because iv not seen the "legal" cannabis online buying thing yet. So I have always had to watch my rear view mirror just having a bowl in my pocket. So I decided hell I'll purchase this and that just for the fact that now it just this easy now. So I dropped a hundred bucks and I'd say 2 hrs after I put the order in the delivery driver calls me and was like "dude this is so & so with so & so, I'm out front" so I go out and what do you know, dude is here with my order. We do the exchange just as fast as it would be back in the day. Dude thanks me and I him, off he goes and in I went. The store had never before seen items that where just crazy to me because remember iv not seen any thing not even a single bud in 10 years. I fape so got a vape oil pen that iv had for a solid day now and took 3 drags of it in that day and was stuck about 3 hrs each one. No way would I take 2 back to back. Lol. No way. And I purchased a pree roll pack of 6 that iv spent the better part of an hr just opening the box and smelling its fantasticness. My ass probably will not ever light one up. This vape pen will do my for a good half year or more. All in all great experience for not actually needing or really even wanting to smoke again. The order was easy the delivery was quick the exchange was quick and easy. I have not and bad to say at all about the experience. My 1 suggestion and this is totally just my opinion but the 1 thing I'd change is the appearance for the delivery personnel. If I had someone working for me and my company I would have some kind of suit of uniform. Kinda like the local policy force queens. No badge but you know, professional appearance. Business like. But again my personal opinion. 100%recommend this store. And given most the bad reviews iv seen on a lot of other places it's probably best you do because they're batting 1/0 and the others 0/2 at best.