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The first and most passionate medical cannabis dispensary in Chicago. Product Driven: We don’t just read lab results, we visit the medical cannabis cultivators to understand how product is grown, dried and cured, and to inspect, touch and smell it on-site. We investigate how the lab results are generated and cross-check those methods against the gold standard at SC Labs in California. We read every medical cannabis study and talk to our friends in CO, WA and CA to constantly refine our understanding of the medicinal effects of cannabis strains on various symptoms and underlying conditions. Patient Focused: We cannot walk in your shoes or feel your pain, but we are passionate about enabling you to satisfy your basic right to medicate as you see fit. And to obtain your medicine in a beautiful, relaxing environment stocked with the best selections of glass, vaporizers, books and anything else we think will bring you relief, pleasure or, hopefully, both.


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Pheno Hunting: Jack Herer

Jack Herer #1: THC: 22.83% 228mg/g CBD: 0% 0mg/g CBN: .65% 6.5mg/g Jack Herer #7: THC: 21.76% 218mg/g CBD: 0% 0mg/g CBN: .62% 6.2mg/g Jack Herer #8: THC: 22.5% 225mg/g CBD: 0% 0mg/g CBN: 1.09% 10.9mg/g

We’ll be offering 3.5 grams of each phenotype, #1, #7 and #8 for $160 total. As always, get them while supplies last, these are gonna go quick!

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“D33 is the best dispensary in the northern Chicagoland area that i have visited thus far. Their product is consistently top notch. The fact they only carry a small amount of strains helps guarantee product freshness and quality. They also display all of their product, including flower, in classy display cases which is useful as other dispensaries do not excel in this area. All of the staff i have met to this point have been extremely friendly and knowledgeable. They do a great job of keeping the store in a casual vibe while still maintaining high levels of professionalism. Also available in the shop is some beautiful high quality glass. ”

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“This is a very professional yet laid back dispensary. The vibe is really peaceful (like a spa) and the people are truly nice, caring and very helpful. Have been to other dispensaries which all seem kinda "hippy" like or amateurish comparatively. I have a very high recommendation for Dispensary 33, they are a great example/ambassador for the emerging, compassionate medical marijuana industry. ”

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