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Velvet Swing Personal Lubricant 133mg - Velvet Swing

THC 100.0mg
CBD 33.0mg
Velvet Swing Personal Lubricant 133mg - Velvet Swing
Have a Heart - Belltown
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Velvet Swing™ is the world's first water-soluble cannabis lubricant, a gentle, vagina-friendly formula that can enhance sensitivity and sexual response. Many people also experience longer, stronger, and more frequently multiple orgasms! Velvet Swing contains a balanced ratio of THC and CBD, as well as a custom terpene blend to maximize absorption. Start with a pump or two and increase as needed. It's best to apply it a little in advance of playtime--that's why we call it "liquid foreplay!" Velvet Swing is: - Non-irritating - pH balanced for the vagina - Free of parabens, glycerin, and propylene glycol - Compatible with all safer sex supplies, such as condoms. - Developed by women, fun for everyone!

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