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JGR OG 1g FECO RSO by Farmers Friend Extracts

Strain rating:
THC 62.1%
JGR OG 1g FECO RSO by Farmers Friend Extracts
1 gram
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About this product

2G RSO | Indica "JGR, also known more simply as “Jgr” to most of the cannabis community, is an indica dominant hybrid (80% indica/20% sativa) strain named for the infamous adult beverage that has mixed accounts of its origins. Many believe that it is a Hindu Kush descendant due to its effects and smell, but many others argue that it must be a descendant of the Southern Oregon strain because of its appearance. Regardless of its genetics, JGR is one delicious and effective smoke, with THC levels reaching up to 23%. Much like the real JGR, this bud has an aroma of sweet earthy licorice and a taste of woody lemon pine with a hint of rich licorice upon exhale that becomes intensely sweet at times. These buds have long tapered pepper-shaped forest green nugs with deep rich purple undertones, fiery orange hairs, and a thinly spread layer of fine clear crystal trichomes. This high is characterized by full-bodied indica effects that slowly creep on before hitting you like too many drinks. You'll suddenly feel completely relaxed in both mind and body with tendencies towards introspection and becoming spacey. You won't be completely sedated in this state – rather, just blissfully out of it. Due to these effects, JGR is often used to treat chronic pain, inflammation, tremors, and muscle spasms."Leafly Historically RSO (Rick Simpson Oil) was produced using naptha or other volatile solvents. Modern methodology uses CO2 combined with ethanol, which are removed from the final product. With this method FECO tends to have a lighter color, higher potency of minor cannabinoids and terpenoids, and a better flavor than due to the lack of chlorophyll and presence of terpenes. The selectivity of CO2 and the efficiencies of ethanol extract the full spectrum of the bio-active compounds in cannabis without picking up unwanted compounds, like fats or chlorophyll, that are typically found in normal, ethanol extracted RSO. We provide this product at a patient-friendly price to make this incredible, potent oil accessible to everybody, especially those in need. FECO has THC potencies generally in the 60-80% range in order to preserve the critical minor cannabinoids CBG, CBN, CBC.

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