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We carry over 150 strains of medical marijuana because we believe we should have something for everybody. We only have one shelf, the top shelf. We don't believe in any quality other than high quality. At Karmaceuticals, your medicine is YOUR choice. Our extremely knowledgeable budtenders are at YOUR service, and their complete knowledge is all for you, the patient. Karmaceuticals is where good Karma happens!


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Daily Bud Specials!!

Today's Bud on Special is DNA Diesel(Sativa), Chemdawg Super Skunk(Hybrid), and Barbara Bud (Indica).

$25 for an 8th, $49 for a quarter, $96 for a half oz, $175 for an oz, $340 for 2 oz

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“This was my first time every visiting Karma Clones. Walking in it was nice to see an array of green clones lining their shelves. They had a broad array a strains ranging from sativas, indicas, and hybrids. I purchased one each from both sides of the spectrum and went with an Indica dominate (Budda Sister) and Sativa dominate (Cinderella 99). The bud tender picked out the best clones we could find. They had a great developed root system and sturdy stalks. After bringing them home and transplanting them into their new container, my cat got ahold of Cindy99. He ate each leaf and I had little hope for her, but she was still standing. She was a fighter and after a few days a healing she slowly came back around and began to grow new shoots. Budda Sister also was exposed to a few extreme temperatures and turned slightly purple in the vegetative stage. I topped both when they hit 5 nodes. I kept them in the veg stage for around 45 days, but they did undergo some stress and take a little time to recover. After I got a few good cuts to clone both, I sent them to the flower room. Budda has stayed short and stalky with broad leaflets, while Cindy99 sativa genetics have also stayed true, as she has narrow leaflets and has stretched much more than Budda. I was pleased with the hardiness of these clones and look forward to harvest day. I plan to make a pair of these next clones taken and keep them as mothers plants.”

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THANK YOU SO MUCH! We are so happy to hear your ladies are strong and tall! Can't wait to see you in our store again!:)

“I was impressed with the strain effects for my first time, and the flavors are fantastic. Great variety and differences for flavors.”

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