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“did not show any good customer service. ”

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“Cool Irie Hawiian beach bar vibe, and I like that the owner showcases his surfboards, and helpful but slow staff. They have a good edible and concentrate selection too, but I found the quality of the flower mediocre at best, it was actually terrible. I asked if the flower was older, as it was decayed dry and dingy overly dried yellowed and withered and weak in its appearance. I had a feeling it was old bottom shelf the infamous tell tale smell of stale hay, maybe it was just the particular container it thought initially, but they all smelled and looked similar. Whenever I detect a musky hay smell it's an indicator that the weed has been sitting around too long and often garbage. I give the bud rating a C- for Portland standards. It smokes smoked rather harshly, and the terpene profile was diminished as it was harsh and dry, and I just know it was not a true 28% THC test rating as indicated. I bought a pre roll of OG kush, must've been stood for OLD GANJA! I looked on test tube and just as I suspected it was a year and two weeks old! I Any weed sitting at room temperature for 54 weeks claiming 28% THC is nowhere near fresh nor accurate in its misleading and unacceptable. This was a $1-$2 joint, and priced at $5 for medical patients. I find a 10% discount for first time medical patients stingy. I will not be going back as I think this place should really step up the quality of the flower, or at least not display buds that looks and smoke like like sun burnt greenhouse weed, not high end top shelf organic indoor. They must lower their prices if they are going to pedal stale withered, leafy, weed that looks more like old sun trim that has been sitting in a container for nine months rather than freshly harvested dank nuggets in October!”

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