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114A Otto Circle, Sacramento, CA
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I'm not a local to Sac but I frequently come into town for my medicine. I've been using cannabis medicinally for the past 4 years and I believe in quality over quantity. I'm always on the look out for strains high in CBD content since it's the cannabinoid my prescribing Dr. has recommended that would best to help me with my anxiety mental challange (a.k.a.disorder). Never before have I found a concentrate like the one I bought tonight: 99% pure CBD from the AC/DC strain, and organically grown. Wow. The high is like a calming cloud enveloping me and ridding me of pain and anxiety, while leaving me still totally functional and able to focus, think and take care of life n things. The initial "high" off of a single dab lasted a good 2 hours, though I still feel a residential calm now, 4 hours later. I haven't tried the flower yet (wanna try one at a time to feel the full effect) but I'm sure it's also great, it looks hella frosty with lots of little curly orange hairs and smells piny n sour. The staff were super chill and nice, even late on a Monday night. I was given a couple complimentary caramel edibles and a pack of rolling papers and got a 10% first time visit discount. My total for all of this was $130, which is incredible considering the quality of the medicine I got here. Thanks y'all, I'll be back soon.
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