Tucson SAINTS (Southern Arizona Integrated Therapies)

Tucson SAINTS (Southern Arizona Integrated Therapies)

Tucson, AZ

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February 15, 2017
I'm a new cardholder so my only experience with bud was if it looked, smells good then it's fire you know,(gotta trust the weedman) but they take the time to ask what I'm looking for, affects and flavor and as I said im new so I am always looking and asking questions about everything and never do they get that hurry up and buy attitude its like when you are getting someone blazed for the first time you're all excited thats how they are their excited to help get you where you want to be so stop in and give them a try it will become one of your favorite places to go
May 5, 2020
No specials bad inventory and poor patient services. Never going again. I used to exclusively shop SAINTS. Reward program, Sunday Oz. Special, the tenders were enjoying work, and patients felt rewarded like SAINTS wanted their business. Not now. I won’t go there anymore. The bud tenders aren’t having any fun, NO SPECIALS, and among other poor services they picked up... prices went up and product went down. So I’m short... person in charge really dropped the ball. I’m just one tiny patient and they don’t care if I come back or not... but do NOT make it so obvious to us. Got us bent over a barrel charge whatever you want now right. Nothing we can do about it. GOUGING AT BEST. BOO ON YOU SAINTS
October 15, 2020
I was banned from the store without notice for leaving a "mean" statement on Facebook at the beginning of the pandemic when they discontinued their specials which made my medicine too costly to buy. They claim to have done this "for my health". I used to be a loyal customer. My advice now. Run, don't walk, away.
May 29, 2020
Don’t go here unless you wanna be treated like a criminal, I showed up as a new patient, thinking that they would need me to fill out a paper so I can be in their system whatever but the fucking guard wouldn’t let me in and was being a bitch about everything unprofessional was pointing at signs instead of saying they weren’t accepting new patients or whatever and said leave. I should’ve know once I saw he was wearing the uniform from American guard because that’s the worst security company (due to unprofessionalism and the fact that they try to act like cops when they know that they have no authority)
June 26, 2020
I've been coming here for years and never had any real issues. Until this week, while trying to get advice about product. David was too busy to help me out. I wanted help for something and no matter what I asked..to have them call me back or get the info and I could call back later after they were able to get info. Didnt offer to do discount over phone. Said they were to busy to help me even if I gave them my # to call me later. When I spoke to the manager she seriously told me she was going to hang up on my after a 3 min complaint where I HADNT EVEN said a bad word. she said she didnt hear the conversation so it didnt matter what I said happened and threaten to have to banned from the place after years of loyal service and I tip extremely well. I asked to have the owner call me back and left 2 emails. NONE of which had a rude or vulgar language nor did I say or do anything rude to Susan manager. After she tried to say I wa somehow rude to her and that I could be banned from the place I just said forget it. I dont want to spend my hard earned money there anymore especially after no one even apologized for their rudeness. And they couldn't have been that busy because I called 5 times in a row trying to get another person and David answered the first ring every time without have to wait on hold except for voice prompts. No one is perfect, but the very first issue I ever have with these people and I get treated like i was the one at fault for thinking I pay for their services I should get quality service and product. NOT EVEN ONE APPOLGY WAS GIVWN ME. With the pandemic we arent allowed to look or smell anything before we buy so they set this up as a way to help. I had almost 3 hours till closing. They way you handle complaint when made tells a huge amount about a company by they way they handle inevitable mistakes or problems I give them a F for Fail There was no reason 1 of the 5 suggestions could have worked because the manager did it. But after speaking so uncaring to me I didnt want to even go there again.
July 1, 2015
Besides the mostly grumpy guy behind the glass (I'm guessing he's the owner), the crew is friendly. They need more training before throwing most if their employees out on the floor. There is 1 guy who knows the most, cuz the other workers always ask him what's up. But these guys are not going to be the ultimate demise of this business. It is their growers. I see peeps on here complaining about high prices..... hello!? Have you not been to another dispensary in town? This place has $180 & $217 ounces! The problem is it's ALWAYS dry, brown and very little aroma. The aroma that is there is of a dirtyesque stench. Unlike their closest competitor, 2.63 miles east, BTW, they don't put the potency levels on their jars. Sometimes, occasionally, Leafly will have a % under that strain, but that IS NOT THEIR THC %, it's the average % of posted %'s on the Internet. Or its straight copied from High Times. But it CERTAINLY IS NOT THEIRS. I took it home and used the basic testing method found in most high school labs, color chromatography test kit. Using a cannabis specific color chart obtained from 3 Certified Marijuana Testing Labratories throughout the U.S. over the last 5 years. FYI, they don't use Color Chromatography method. At minimum, they use Gas Chromatography with equipment costing in the 20,000 dollar plus range. Color Chromatography kits can be found for 150-250 bucks. There is no comparison of Color Chromatography vs. any of the standard methods used by pro labs. Color Chromatography is inferior. However, it is the easiest and most affordable method that home growers use to test their own grows. And in testing, I found their own grown strains, of the $300 per zip variety, to be at best, 11% THC. The 217 per zip variety was less in THC %, and the 180 per zip was even less. Proving you get what you pay for. Their Super Critical, for instance, did push over the 19% THC level. That is ir at the time was priced in the 375 a zip range. To be fair, Color Chromatography is subjective. However, the variance is 1.5%. So at most, add 1.5% to my findings, if you feel inclined or question my test. In comparison, the place down the street, tested within .5% of all 5 strains I tested. Their prices are quite higher. The biggest difference between the 2 are in trichomes. The funniest thing is that this place, SAIT, will give you a loupe if you ask, to look microscopically at the trichomes. They must obviously be banking that you have no clue what you are looking at. If they thought you were weed-grower-educated they would not give that to you. THEIR WEED HAS NO TRICHOMES! To me, a long time grower, 317 the most at one time, here in Tucson, but with over 6,000 total in my life (I log them all!) that I have bloomed from seed or from clone, and spent 1000's of hours looking through a loupe and microscope. This place has no trichomes! IMO, it's as if they stripped them off to make their wax! Classic maneuver! I'm not saying they do this, their growers could just grow a poor quality of bud or they don't cure them properly. Definitely storing them in clear glass containers, under the lights of the store, opening the lids all day for customers (I know, how else you sample that "aroma"!?) To smell or to loupe before buying! But that is the worst way. And then that is the Bud they give you! This owner needs to be trained better on growing so he knows what his growers are growing. That's gonna be their demise. In the mean time, you get what you pay for. Up the street and around the corner is worth comparing. Too bad I don't have a dispensary. You'd be AMAZED at the difference!
September 19, 2020
Asking your customers to wait 2 hours for their order is a little excessive. Also one of your bud tenders ripped me for a gram and I thought I'd give you another chance but this place didn't deserve it, don't go here.
February 4, 2021
over priced average weed. i dont care if a strain is allegedly 30% thc. it should be $35 for 3.5 tops even for rec. and dont make people wait 3 hours for a pick up text either....
December 22, 2017
Extremely rude and bad service in the back room. Bud tender acted like she had no time to help. Menu screen on wall wasn’t working at first. She recommended a strain that has no description on Leafly or on their in store menu, simply calling it a sativa hybrid but leaving out the fact that it’s high CBD, which I only found out after getting home and doing more research. I cannot use CBD as it has horribly negative effects on me. I am so fed up with young bud tenders who act like they know what they’re taking about but do not. This is my medicine we’re talking about here. I have the right to buy from someone who knows what they’re doing and isn’t too preoccupied to give adequate service to a patient.
March 18, 2017
Had a mixup once, but staff corrected situation and were very friendly and polite. Always been my fav dispensary, glad to know they DO put their customers first 😬
July 24, 2017
I enjoy this location because of its wide variety and good pricing but not too sure about their bud quality, sometimes it's good and sometimes it not. What really bothers me is that when asked about their thc percentages, the receptionist immediately responded with, "the state of Arizona does not require us to record those." A simple no would have been fine but why wouldn't you want to test the percentages(especially if they're good)? Personally, I believe having percentages shows more professionalism in a dispensary and less skepticism for the consumer. Overall, I like this place for a quick pick me up but not for anything more than an 8th.
March 24, 2021
tenderoni was $25 a 1/8 in january....why a 80% price hike 2 months later smh....the shop aint that desperate for money....get rid of the rent a cop
May 3, 2017
The absolute best experience I've had ever. Great staff, selection, and quialty in Tucson.
March 23, 2017
Best place in town! Can not beat the prices plus the staff is very knowledgeable and you can tell they really care and actually want to be there!
March 22, 2017
great location. fast service and friendly knowledgeable staff
June 27, 2020
Do you see ANYWHERE on here that says you MUST have a phone in or online order? Me either. Was suppose to be my 1st visit but I didn't get anything and I won't be back. Poor service, poor information.
February 20, 2021
SAINTS: Tucson Saints: Due to a lack of available product, beginning Sunday 2/21/21, we will temporarily be closed on Sundays and Wednesdays. We value our MEDICAL PATIENTS and hope to have better supply chain soon. ME: You guys have gone so far down hill in the last year, I don't even THINK about going here, EVER! Yall used to be my go to...now u just suck!
January 5, 2017
Came in on a Friday like I normally do, and the waiting room was PACKED, I stopped counting at 50 people between outside & inside. I found out later they were having a super super special. I go there to get the bottom tier meds for edibles, and even though it's "bottom tier" it's pretty good. but after the special special I left with 2 Oz's of decent nugs for under 200$. at other shops you won't leave with 1 oz of meds even with their bottom tier. I don't usually go to shops, but when I do, THIS is the spot!! If you're looking for the Super Dank (which I've yet to find any in Tucson, I'm used to Cali) they've got good top shelf for 45-55$ an 8th, but the super bargain is the 150$oz when they have the 10% off. That's the bargain. I gave the quality 4 stars not because it's bad meds, it just is what it is, a solid 7/10 but at 135$oz you can't beat it!! Thumbs up to SAINTS!!
March 25, 2020
First time in here I was greated in a very unfriendly manner, I was looking to purchase the bogo on an 8th of flour they have for the first time patient deal, I paid 48$ for two (not to mention there where only 2 stations to select from in the premium teer) and the flower was extremely unimpressive, dry, smoked 3 blows and didn’t even get high. I’ve had it sitting around in its package for a week and it’s already breaking apart like sand. I’m extremely disappointed this being my first dispensary in Tucson and will definitely not be returning to this specific location, I would wish good luck but they honestly don’t deserve it for their over priced dry flower.
October 20, 2017
Love the people, but I'll never be back :( These products need some serious intervention.
November 16, 2020
the flower is sup par.go elsewhere for quality flower
December 7, 2020
$60 1/8s for mid grade Tierra Grow flower. What a rip off and sad for the folks who dont know better. Drive a few more miles and get Alien Labs 1/8s for the same price.
June 15, 2020
It hurts my heart to write this negative review because i have had some great experiences with some budtenders. The product is decent as well. However today i left so triggered and upset because of the security guard. I was trying to call before placing an online order for pick up. I hate buying without seeing but in these times ill get over it if i could at least speak to someone who knew about the strains particular to my needs. The line was not ringing so I pulled up to the store front and asked the security guard if he would mind asking if the phones worked. Right away... Finger in my face with the other hand pointing to the sign that said "online orders". I said I understood but i needed to speak with them first. He literally told me to be patient and just go online or keep calling. So i said f this im gonna go to another dispensary then. He said f u motherfu***r go to another dispensary. I was so triggered. Instant tears like a dumb ass. I went to my car and tried calling... Finally got through and the guy at the end of the line did not care one bit. He told me it has been hell working there 50 plus hours and there was nothing he could do. He told me to call the security management. So i did but damn. Im a pretty small 31 year old woman. Not threatening at all. Crushed that saints has worked their employees to the point where they dont care anymore.
August 19, 2015
I think this place has the poorest quality of flowers out of all the dispensaries In tucson Az. Not only is the quality mexican brown weed that taste like miracle grow but I have witness some poor customer service as well. I have went to this dispensary two times due to others being closed at the time and both times I was very disappointed with my purchase....In my opinion I feel there in this field for the money and not the patients! No I will never shop here again until they get there product up to par!