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Fully licensed and legal dispensary offering over 500 medical cannabis products! Established in February 2016, Torrey Holistics is committed to the highest quality in patient care and products by providing exceptional customer service and product knowledge from consultants who are strong advocates for the benefits of medical cannabis. Torrey Holistics proudly invites the medical cannabis communities surrounding San Diego to explore their spacious medical marijuana dispensary and browse through their selection of top-quality cannabis products. Offering over 500 of the finest cultivated medical cannabis products, the owners of this San Diego medical marijuana dispensary are active advocates and believe in medicinal marijuana and its medical benefits. Established in February 2016, they are committed to the highest quality of patient care and medical cannabis products, compassionately educating their medical cannabis community on the full benefits of medical marijuana, they strive to provide exceptional, professional customer service. Torrey Holistics is proud to be San Diego’s leading medical marijuana dispensary offering the finest, high-quality medical marijuana products. Staff The friendly Torrey Holistics team attentively welcomes each and every medical marijuana patient into their clean, spacious dispensary. Their experienced staff is trained to consult and listen to the needs of their San Diego community to develop a better understanding and recommend the proper medical cannabis products and dosages to their medical cannabis patients. This San Diego medical marijuana dispensary personalizes each patient’s experience, thoroughly explaining and educating their medical cannabis community on the benefits of medical marijuana. They are always available for patient follow-up questions by phone, via email, or through any of their social media platforms. While the dispensary doesn’t accept credit or debit cards, there is an ATM onsite for patients’ convenience. Menu This San Diego medical marijuana dispensary carries premium, high-quality medical cannabis products, lab tested and screened to assure there is no mold, pesticides, and residual solvents to ensure patients are receiving top-quality medical cannabis and consistency. Their collection of the finest cultivated strains includes Do-Di-Dos, Berry White, Blueberry Kush, Durban Poison, Silver Dream, Super Leon Haze, Platinum Animal Cookies, and F Cancer, their CBD potent strain ideal for patients experiencing pain and anxiety. Torrey Holistics carries over a hundred different types of infused edibles like Korova 1000 mg Black Bars, medicated dipping sauces like Ketchup, Wing Sauce, TERPiyaki and Mayonnaise, gummies, chocolates, hard candies,, teas, drinks, pet CBD treats, and tinctures formulated for CBD or THC relief. Their extensive selection of extracts includes concentrates from Dopey, Night Owl, HGH Extractions, and NATIV, a Torrey Holistics medical marijuana patient favorite. In addition to their large menu, they also carry vape cartridges in a variety of flavors, topicals in patches, creams, balms, and sprays, smoking accessories, pre-rolls, and clones. Service Locations Torrey Holistics is located in Sorrento Valley off Roselle Street and Sorrento Valley Road near the Academy of Egyptian Dance and serves the surrounding communities of San Diego, Sorrento, La Jolla, University City, Del Mar Heights, Mira Mesa, Fenton Carroll Canyon, and Northern San Diego. Location Information Explore the many activities in San Diego and admire the coast of the Pacific Ocean. The San Diego Zoo is a popular attraction located in Balboa Park and houses over 3700 animals with over 650 species and subspecies. As one of the largest zoological membership associations in the world, the San Diego Zoo adapted the concept of open-air, cageless exhibits recreating natural animal habitats. SeaWorld is another popular animal theme park centered around marine mammal wildlife conducting research on marine biology and providing education and outreach on marine issues to the public through activities and park exhibits. From San Diego Zoo to SeaWorld, Torrey Holistics is honored to continue serving the medical marijuana communities surrounding the San Diego area.


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Papa & Barkley Patient Appreciation Day today, Feb. 23, 3pm-6pm!

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“Torrey Holistics is amazing! It’s not your “costco sized mega-weed warehouse”. What it is is a small high quality dispensary that makes you feel like a valued friend as soon as you arrive. The quality of the product is amazing. This is San Diego, If you buy a beer you want to know about how much hops and where they were grown. It’s the same with our weed. If I’m in your dispensary I’m going to want to know more than “It’s really good”. Nico was my budtender and he was amazing. I told him what I was looking for and he and his partner (sorry didn’t get your name but I dig the Sound City jacket) homed right in on a hybrid strain that was exactly what I was looking for. Friendly and knowledgeable, I’ve found my new dispensary. As if that’s not enough, they had free swag (cheezits, beer koozies, bottles of water etc) outside. I picked up an eighth of Green Candy Jack from Flowkana and I love it. Thanks Nico hope to see you soon. ”

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“I've been a medical patient there since October. I tried to come in about a week ago and was turned away after waiting for about half an hour. Then, earlier tonight, there was a long line outside of the building. I stood in the line, as there was no indication that I should do otherwise (like a sign). After waiting about forty minutes in the line, I reach the front to have the security guard inform me that I didn't have to wait in line as a returning medical patient. I told him that there should be a sign, and he told me that there was one, in the front of the building (even though the parking lot is behind the building). When I finally got inside (>1 hour) I told the person helping me what happened, and they told me that they'd get me a preroll "next time I came in while they were working" (I've never seen this person there before). This doesn't seem fair, since and hour of my time was wasted TONIGHT, and since they didn't seem to make any note of this promise, I'm going to assume it was probably not a sincere offer. This experience, coupled with the fact that I'm often deadnamed and/or called "sir" by the staff (despite the fact that the only employee there that seems to give a shit has made a note on my file about my name and pronouns), has inspired me to never go back to Torrey Holistics.”

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