truBLISS Organics - Gilbert/Mesa (Rec)

truBLISS Organics - Gilbert/Mesa (Rec)

Mesa, AZ
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January 6, 2021
I used to come to this place often, BUT NO MORE! They have raised their prices to 17 / gm for mid shelf normal flower. SHAME ON YOU TRU BLISS. Lower your prices.
March 14, 2021
I cannot recommend this dispensary. Bud tender walked away for a couple minutes the second I approached the register after a wait that was twice as long as they said it would be. Prices very high, out of prerolls, did not get much for my money. But worst part was that bud tender kept telling me sativa hybrids were indica. I have anxiety from sativa so that was a deal breaker for me. I got home with sativa heavy strain he told me was indica and it’s not like I can return it. Will go to a competitor next time I’m in need.
May 30, 2021
dislike how as a medical patient I was the first in but last to be called up. I even did an online order. not cool and I wont be back!
February 5, 2021
Verified Shopper
I have been coming to this dispensary for nearly 2 years loyally. I have spent over $12,000 in this time. As soon as REC was passed, they have raised prices, gotten rid of almost every deal they had, and started charging extra on taxes. it is no longer COST EFFECTIVE to shop here anymore. I recommend Health4Life for dabs. their Black Label is 18 before tax, which makes it ~$20 after tax per G. I AM SO DISSAPOINTED IN YOU TRUBLISS - YOU WERE THE CHOOSEN ONE!
February 6, 2021
Getting super frustrated here. As a medical patient who visits your dispensary often I can honestly say I’m pretty over it! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been in there, just like today, and walk out with herb that I did not ask for. I’m very specific about my herb and when I’m asking for a specific strain I would like to think I’m getting that. That hasn’t been the case with you guys... tonight I asked my budtender to recommend me between 2 different strains and he said “for sure the chocolate glue because the road dawg runs way too low”. So I said “okay I definitely don’t want that I will take the choco glue please”. Well guess what I walked out with... road dawg. This has not been the first time this actually happens often. Also if you guys would answer your phones we wouldn’t be having to leave reviews like this!! I love that you guys have tax included and have it split now but the fact that I’m not getting what I asked for AND PAYED FOR pretty much ruins everything else.
March 11, 2018
You people expect this dispensary to just startup and be a full fledge open till ten operation, it takes time. And anybody that says they can't make it in cause of the hours is absurd, on your day off go to the dispensary, unless you need to go every other day to help your "issues". If something is important you will find a way, instead of hopping on here and being a whiner. We're trying to hear about the quality of the products/medicine, we're not concerned about your schedule
March 19, 2021
I've been here several times since I've gotten my medical card and unfortunately since recreational has happened they cut almost all their deals for medical patients, prices have gone up, and their quality of flower has severely decreased. I've been rather disappointed lately
March 21, 2018
Awesome place! Flower is clearly grown without pesticides unlike every other dispo in AZ. You can smell and taste the difference. This is my new spot, my former spot of several years decided it would be a good idea to start pre packaging everything (you know who you are) and selling low grade chemical flower. Not at trubliss, this is what flower should be!! They're doing it deli as well which is huge for me personally. Keep up the good work and see you next week!
March 14, 2021
Placed an order for pick up one evening thinking it would be filled the next morning since it was only a few mins to closing. Got a text like 10 mins before place closed that my order was done and then cancelled a few mins later because I didn’t come get it and now charging for restocking. No indication you have to pick up within 3 hours until you order and get the text. And why did y’all fill it anyway with 10 mins before closing knowing that person wouldn’t make it to pick it up? Pay your own damn restocking fee. Also noticed that the cartridges I use have gone up almost $10 and they have done away with almost every deal they used to have so they can make even more. I used to be able to do 3 cartridges for $90 with the deal they had and now I’d have to pay almost $150. This used to be the best place ever but now they’ve become just as money grubbing as the rest catering to the recreational crowd and forgetting who made there business run for so long, us medical users. Good to know this is who they are and I’ll find another place to spend my money that’s fair.
January 15, 2021
I got some grams of the MPX Live sauce and was told it is the best stuff they had to dab and spent $60 it’s definitely not worth it and I will not be back
January 21, 2021
Visited this place weekly for the past year and a half but went it today and I’m SUPER disappointed in the change of your sales or rather lack thereof now... looks like it’s time to find a new place to visit regularly 🤷🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️
March 14, 2018
love it fast and smooth service cool employee awesome prices and great products.
March 19, 2018
Definitely try before you dis it! They have deli style and daily specials 2 huge things another place just got rid of! Decent choices with appropriate pricing. Redwood OG is on 🔥 . Easy first time patient check in, friendly bud tender Cole hooked a girl up!
October 4, 2020
The reception staff is honestly disgraceful. I recently had surgery a couple of days ago and visited this dispensary today I stood at the door knocking as I was unable to open the door, the receptionist with then opened it and said it was open this whole time which I then apologized and said I’m sorry I just had surgery and couldn’t pull it open, and she said nothing. The young male manager Then came out said I had an attitude and called me something else basically stating I was in the wrong. Honestly I left in tears, he never apologized and made me feel horrible, if a woman is black and justly states that service is poor does not mean you have an attitude, honestly that is racism and disgusting. I would quit medicating before visiting this place EVER again. The woman manger came out apologized and was kind to me, may she be blessed.
January 31, 2021
used to love this place but then they moved to their new location. it's been down hill ever since. They don't offer the kind of daily deals they used too. Now everything is extremely over priced. The flower quality is poor, at best, and that is even if they have any of inventory as their shelves are bare way more than they ever should be. This used to be a top 3 dispensary. Now it's rock bottom on my list. How the mighty have fallen. Good riddance Trubliss...
May 3, 2021
New prices messed up one of my old favorite spots ever since territory came around they have gone the opposite way, no more deals while territory has them almost everyday again and pricing their products higher than territory even before taxes are included they are daring you to be stupid and spend more money here rather than actually compete like they used to before recreational came in
February 24, 2018
This place is real cool, the staff is very friendly and helpful. The top shelf flower is all organic, and the OG18 is incredible.
February 20, 2018
So nice to see a new dispensary in this area. This one is top notch, Excellent nice helpful staff, nice assortment of flower and edibles. Great prices,Great people, Great meds, what more could you ask for. 2 thumbs up. Way up.......
February 27, 2018
This place is gonna rule when it’s fully operational. Great staff. Huge waiting and back rooms and best of all..LOCATION. They expand on my experience today and they’ll take over as my full time spot.
November 28, 2020
Krystal has terrible customer service and should go get a job that doesn’t require her to talk to other people. If I was an employer I would not want an employee as unhappy and inconsiderate as she just was to me
April 17, 2021
Verified Shopper
Placed an order at 5pm, got there closer to 8pm. They canceled my order and nobody informed me. Only when I was walking out of the building did I get a txt message saying it was canceled. They were simply unapologetic about the whole situation and I doubt I’ll be back soon. Hope you aren’t either.
February 23, 2018
Very nice and love the location. I'll be back again!!
February 23, 2018
Brand new dispensary filling the gap for the Mesa/Gilbert border. The staff is helpful and hilarious. Great prices - love the FTP flower deal. I’ll be back soon for more OG18! 👍🏻🔥
March 18, 2018
It was my first time going to this dispensary and It was amazing! The staff is very friendly and helpful with any questions. You can smell the difference in the organic buds from normal buds. Most defiantly recommend coming and checking out this location! I’m going to defiantly be coming back!