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Kind Meds (AZ)

I drive from the far end of east Mesa to buy at this dispensary...always point on!

Health for Life Crismon

Been visiting here for the past 5 years and still happy to do business here...

The Flower Shop - Mesa (Med/Rec)

This place is bs...dont trust the testing they advertise...I went out of my way to purchase their Jenny Kush at 32.3% and after I didn't feel much, I looked at the second package before I opened it at it read 19.9%...so I went back and the manager says they independently test and that's what they advertise for percentages...what a crock of bs...thats false advertising and she smiled when she said thats what our testing came up with...I told her their testing SUCKS!

Health for Life Ellsworth

I visit three of these locations regularly and am almost always pleased...this location has never been an issue!

Cookies - Tempe

i love this place...always the best deals and great bud tenders