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December 1, 2017
Well I have a new dispensary. I had been going to the Edgewater location for some time and finally a dispensary closer to home. Very easy to find, inside is very spacious and I was able to get in and get out. The Staff is New lol, they seem a little tight up front as they should be but they become friendlier as you engage them. But all jokes aside they are knowledgeable and professional they will be able to guide you to what ever medical products you are prescribed . My edgewater review covers what I have to say about the company and its products, so I’ll save the space. I guess I’m a Truliever as they say. This will be my spot in Orlando, hope this helps to make it be yours too. As always Be Easy n Be Safe.
December 12, 2017
my first time at this location was a few days ago. I showed up 4 minutes to closing as usual, and nobody really cared. everyone there was cool, and professional. I will make this my new spot until one opens up in Kissimmee.
September 26, 2018
Ok, before beginning this review, I need to say a couple of things: 1) I might be biased in my opinion. Having just returned from Colorado and seeing how experienced dispensaries operate, I had an expectation that Florida dispensaries would operate on the same professional level. This one did not, and it may not be fair to expect them to...at least not until they've gained a little more experience. 2) I was feeling horrible yesterday (jangly, emotional, nervous, having stomach upset), which may have contributed (in part) to my disappointment. I arrived at Trulieve at 6pm, one hour prior to closing. Ahead of me, in the outer waiting room, were 3 customers, and one very sweet medium-sized dog. I was greeted promptly, enthusiastically, and directed to have a seat in a cushioned chair in the brightly lit lobby. Although the location was less than desirable, in a seedy-ish little warehouse area, the insides were clean, fresh, sparkly (think MAC store with candy). The guard with the gun seemed happy. The workers out front seemed to genuinely like what they do, as did the two fellows in back...at least from what I observed of them. At first glance, I was thinking "this could be my home," but it all quickly went down hill from there. Two people would walk in, they'd get called ahead of me. Another two would come, and again get ushered to the front on the line. After a while, I realized they were call-in orders--a fact it would have been nice to know. Maybe a little "welcome to our store; here's what to expect" at check in? As I waited, probably about 1/2 hour, things got increasingly chaotic and LOUD. -Workers talking over each other. -A lady, who seemed incredibly over-anxious, asking endless questions. -A fellow stapling leaflets in my ear. It's a cold, echo-ish space. Not the employees fault, although they could be more sensitive that patient's are probably in pain and possibly suffering from noise sensitivity. I was so relieved when they finally called my name, only to be ushered to another (even louder) waiting area closer to the counter. Three people worked that space, a fourth if you count someone labeling themselves a "shift supervisor." It was complete frenzy. -A lady who's script expired at 5 (it took two people to solve that issue). -Customers running out to their cars to download apps. -Another person trying to sort out an ATM withdrawal. -More walk-ins jumping to the front of the line. -Another newbie getting the grand tour from a pleasant gentleman about all things cannabis. -Instructions to text to a number that doesn't work. -A worker behind the counter tapping her fingers, rolling her eyes, talking loudly across the counter. "Is this day over yet?" When I was called to the desk, I was met with shuffling papers and a huff. "Is she the last of them?" the girl said, nodding towards me to a passing by co-worker. I was hoping to discuss my needs, find out more about how script allotments work, see different options and inventory. By this point I felt so stressed, I started to cry (it felt that cold and impersonal). Seeing that, the bud tender warmed a bit then hurriedly asked what I wanted and directed me to two distillate options. "I need to ring them in now because it's 6:58. I can't ring you up after 7." "Are there any other products I can see?" I asked. "We're not going to start you on a lot of stuff now. We're going to have you try these two, keep track of what you use and how you feel. You'll get more next time." she answered. Rather than consultive, it felt dismissive. Have you considered I'm on disability and may want to buy more to get the most from my discount? If you know you can't ring up after 7, why not have more people help customers or stop walk ins after 6:30? Why not educate customers at intake about needing cash for their order? Why not have a display of empty containers in the front lobby (or at least brochure) so people can preview options? At the very least, can you muster up a smile and compassion, rather than making me feel like I'm keeping you from dinner? In short. The product is good. The place is pretty. The advice/strains solid (maybe). But the wait? The feel? The service? Absolutely dreadful. (like DMV x 100, dreadful). For comparison, today, I went to Surterra. Holy cow, what a difference! Tea in the lobby... display boxes on the wall...counseling about how my prescription works...6 different options... a hug...pointed questions about my issues...free delivery...even a new customer $50 off $100 discount. Where Trulieve gave me anxiety, Surterra gave me relief. I know where I'll be taking my business in the future.
March 12, 2018
I have had the opportunity to visit the Trulieve in Orlando and Edgewater. Both facilities are very nice. The staff is friendly and will take the time to answer your questions. Products are limited but that is a state problem and not a flaw from Trulieve. It could be worse like Penn. where they have had to shut down dispensaries due to the lack of product. I purchased a variety of different items. I have been very impressed with the Trustik Vaporizer and the pods that go along with it. I also purchased the digital baking vaporizer. I would not recommend the product to anyone. I was warned that I needed to be patient with the product. The ground cannabis pods are a great idea. I enjoy the leaf cannabis and had to try it. My problem is with the vape. The on off button sticks and it is too easy to accidentaly change the temp setting on the unit. I often find that the temp is to hot and past the recommended settings. Overall I am another satisfied customer.
March 31, 2018
Update: The communication as to when product is available is horrible. If the opporator is not wrong the store will lie to you. I was told to my face in the store to come back at 10am for a product because they would be getting a shipment. Came back and guess whats not here. Now this is no shoet trip for me. 2 hours on anyones whim is absolutely unprofessional.
January 10, 2018
great staff, had a great long discussion with Hunter there today. ive tried all dispensaries in FL and Trulieve is by far my favorite
February 1, 2018
For being a startup dispensary in Florida. They are the best! Friendly, knowledgeable, and patient. Will take their time to explain everything. Love this place.
January 19, 2018
The location was OK, just hard to get to as one has to go thru a lot of Orlando and all the busy traffic. They did have a lot of product shortages and no real reason I could think of to explain why they had no product.
December 16, 2017
Polite, professional and friendly. The staff worked with me for over an hour on my first visit, answering my questions and helping me understand the differences between products.
December 13, 2017
The atmosphere is extremely lax yet professional. They are really wonderful with their patients, making you feel extremely comfortable as soon as you walk in. They are also very knowledgeable on their products, and offer a much wider range of choices & strains than most dispensaries in my area. Great experience.
December 15, 2017
Great staff and very knowledgeable. Always have what I need.
August 31, 2018
Great products! But, totally disorganized and inefficient. Long wait times, people served in random order, online ordering doesn’t work. Serving a terminally ill and severely sick population, this is unacceptable. This is my third time in a row, to experience this. Deliveries take days and 8 phone calls to arrive. This needs improvement! Big time!
January 19, 2018
Awesome staff. Everyone is very welcoming and full of knowledge. The entire staff is extremely friendly. The dispensary has a nice variation of product and strains.
February 16, 2018
The staff is very friendly and informative. Great store.
February 10, 2018
A+ Trulieve is the best, they have the best products at better prices than the competition. Staff is awesome if you are a regular they know you and treat you like an individual and do everything they can to gain your satisfaction. I cannot think of one single negative i may have been slightly cold in the main lobby which is not even a bad thing. Excited for more Trulieve locations to open in central Florida. Great extracts lots of choices and they take the time to in depth explain the product and its effects and have lots of knowledge. Have been there over a dozen times and hands down the best.
December 5, 2018
There are dispensaries closer to home but I'd rather come here. The staff is super-helpful and actually interested in helping me choose what works best for me. I appreciate the extra effort. They don't have to do that. I like that it's a friendly place that is fun to visit...regardless of how busy they might be. Thanks Trulieve Orlando!
June 14, 2019
Trulieve products are worth the wait. The staff takes time with any and all questions so it makes sense walk in can be a 20-40 min wait. Save time and order online! Gorilla Grapes flower was perfect. Taste and cured with that potent smell that turns heads. Great for pain relief and relax feeling without making you sleepy. Great job Trulieve!
June 21, 2019
Long waits.. friendly staff.
September 6, 2019
everyone is so friendly and super helpful.
May 14, 2019
The service is absolutely awful. You can't even order anything. I tried for 3 days calling and holding for a rep for hours and couldn't get through. A rep wouldn't call me back. Their website is broken, of course and shows everything out of stock. I have heard the same thing from other people waiting in the mm doctors office. The other thing is the environment. It is in a crappy building with a tiny parking lot in a bad area of town. The employees aren't paid enough so they have to use tip jars. Oh...they also charge a delivery fee. When Grohealthy opens in Orlando, they are going to devastate Trulieves business.
September 6, 2019
I'm a major fan of how efficient they keep the lobby flowing. Kudos to them! 😁 🤘 Richard was EXTREMELY helpful & had a great tude. He chuckled at my silly jokes ;) thnx man! ✌🏼️ Love ya, mean it! .:Rah:.
April 7, 2019
First time i visited it was so full I turned around and walked out. ( this was Before Flower that past recently) I ordered by Phone and opted to pay delivery charge. My Review is not to just this store but, trulieve in general. Before smokable was legal they were on the news saying WE ARE READY In my opinion They are far from ready They are always waiting for a delivery. finally got a delivery today I was told I have to also carry the box it came in because of a sticker on box. A sticker that could easily be attached to the bottle. I myself don't call that READY Maybe your first and not sure of that but, Not READY If I have a prescription For cough syrup I can put it in my cargo pocket and take it I don't need to carry the box it came in all information is on the bottle. Helllooo Mcfly This is the most money I have ever paid for what i guess would call This Old Timer has spent for A Nickel.(1/8) OZ. Not that I also can't Commend you for what your doing But, get it done right and efficient. I believe Competition will get the price down.
October 20, 2018
My boyfriend and I visited Trulieve Orlando for the first time. We were new to the retail cannabis and didn't know what to expect. We arrived at 4:45 PM on Saturday and waited just a few minutes to go to the back- so far so good. However once we were back there, the guy "helping" us would not sufficiently answer any of our questions, was obviously trying to hurry us because it closed at 5 PM, and we left with no idea of what we just bought or how it worked. We felt very disillusioned by the entire process. Also the men behind the counter looked disheveled and unprofessional. We had heard they have great product but we will not be going there again. We will order online and pick up at another dispensary that is more professional.
July 20, 2019
Terrible parking lot. Horribly disorganized. Guaranteed to have a minimum of an hour waiting usually closer to 2 hours. There is not enough room in the waiting room so you have to go outside. And guess what if you are outside when you are called back they will not notify you out side and you will be skipped.