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Verilife - Cincinnati

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Dog Patch [2.83g]

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THC 25.6%
Dog Patch [2.83g]
Verilife - Cincinnati
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25.6% THC, 3.54% TOTAL TERPENES PRIMARY TERPENES: 1.12% Limonene | 0.95% Myrcene SECONDARY TERPENES: 0.43% Caryophyllene | 0.21% Linalool | 0.15% Humulene | 0.14% b-Pinene — LINEAGE: Chem D x Chem91 Bx2 CATEGORY: Hybrid BREEDER: Lucky Dog AROMA: classic diesel & sour flavors — ABOUT: Mid-size to full-size nugs are curated and combined to provide patients with premium nug selection. — OUR GENETICS: Choice genetics are hand-selected for unique cannabinoid/terpene profiles - as well as benefited conditions – to provide Ohio patients with a curated selection of quality medical cultivars. — WHO WE ARE: We are family-owned, operated, and based out of Dayton, Ohio. Our facility has hosted family businesses for three generations. From auto parts to sushi and now medical cannabis. We pride ourselves on our passion for high quality, science, and design to create an exceptional medical cannabis experience.

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