Area 51 Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Excellent strain. I felt relaxed in my body but fully energized and clear minded. it put me in a great mood and my face felt warm. I think I found my new work weed.”

  • “House strain of Detroit's Area 51 dispensary. This citrus smelling strain is a go to of mine for back pain relief (high CBD) and an uplifting high.”

  • “A very potent strain that is perfect for just about anytime of day. Very uplifting and perfect for depression because of how wonderful you feel. It is not too powerful so you keep a clear head. A very feel good strain!”

  • “It has a very flavorful hit, was pretty smooth. I felt super chill and relaxed, it made me focused and energetic. Overall one of my favorite strains.”

  • “By far my favorite strain ever! No anxiety, no paranoia. Can function during the day and helps with my insomnia and appetite but not too munchies.”

  • “I first heard about this strain about 2 years ago around here in LA. I remember it was pretty good.”

  • “Geez did I love this? The sativa was so strong it made night feel like day! It doesn't hit your body hard but good enough to relax if you want to. It's very potent, the head high it gives is very whirling. A beautiful high at that”