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Blackberry Trainwreck Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I've been smoking this strain for about 2 weeks and very happy with my selection. These buds are sticky icky and flavorful. Sweet berries, citrus, pine and a diesely zip. Shes Indica dominate, stony but not foggy with quality Sativa traits. Best used latter in day or evening as shes a little narcotic.”

  • “This strain is a cross between blackberry and trainwreck and has an earthy berry flavour. I enjoyed the flavour of this bud, but the high was way too focused for me. I became so focused I cleaned for hours on end, organizing and not able to sit still until all the tasks my mind was creating were complete. I wouldnt smoke this again.”

  • “If I could rename this strain I would call it Grape Popsicle. It smells exactly like a f***ing grape popsicle. Great heavy indica effects. Smoke hits you hard but quickly eases into full body relaxation.”

  • “I like the flavor. Its got strong flowery berry taste and I also get the strong diesel finish. For me the high is positive and heady with a good couch lock narcotic buzz to compliment.”

  • “Very good strain for pain relief. I have yet to find anything better. My only gripe is that the pain relief only lasts for 2 to 3 hours, but while it is working I love it. I have a very bad case of sciatica. The burning needles and pins pain sensation makes my single encounter with shingles seem like a paper cut. Imagine taking a red hot knife, stabbing the outer thigh of each leg and slicing upward. Then imagine com...”

  • “up in Aberdeen WA. this stuff is only 10$ an 8th and its a "good quality for price flower"”

  • “a little goes a long way”

  • “This is the best strain I've tried so far for pain relief 😍. If there's anything better let me know! My only criticism is that it only lasts for 2 - 3 hours ☹️”