Blue Goo Reviews

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  • “Really excellent for daytime use. Moderate cerebral lift that walks into a smooth warm body snuggle that's not overly couch locky, but if you keep at it, the goo can take you there. I didn't get all the berryliciousness with my sample where I am, but it looks just like some of these photos of the silverish purple blue hue with smaller denser bud formation. Not much aroma either except for a distinct dusty of a berry ...”

  • “The buds were really sticky. smooth and very tasty sweet smoke. relaxing high that starts as a head high, and then turns into a body buzz. relaxing but doesn't make me tired. great for any time of the day and one of my favorites. Great with music ^_^”

  • “Smoking it right now :) DELICIOUS! Smokes well and smooth yet gives you a relaxing nice strong high :) I just picked mine up at an Arizona dispensary, very fresh and soft with long bright green leafs and little orange flowers all over. I def recommend this strain! Great day high yet with a smooth transition into a couch lock.”

  • “This distinctive-looking bud is great for smoking anytime. Dark purple/green with same-coloured trichomes and a light skunky smell define it, as well as the smokey-piney flavour. The buzz is very relaxing, and is primo for walking around and enjoying a lazy day (or night), especially if you're trying to destress. Good stuff.”

  • “Can't hate on a hybrid for doing what it do 🐒👈🏽. The medz I purchased were labeled Blueberry Goo, but the berry taste in the description lends to the case being made that Blue Goo and Blueberry Goo are the same thing. Sedated is the word I'd use to describe the most prominent of effects I experienced. I felt more 🤤than 😴 and I experienced a solid 30 mins of trippy, euphoric, "sativa" energy high before the Ativa...”

  • “Got this from a fat pre-roll .. awesome high, really good for middle of the day and just chilling out.”

  • “This is the first Sativa that's stood out to me in a long time. Everything else was putting me to sleep. This makes me feel alert, creative, and happy. A rare cure for my depression.”

  • “Method of consumption - Flower; Smoking. ---- Smell - I will divvy this category up in three pieces; Full flower, grounded up flower, and smoke. Full - Sweet yet tart. On the herbal side of blueberry's scent profile. Ground - It reminded me of Blueberry strain I had couple months ago. Very fruity in blueberry tones. However, it's sweeter. Almost if you could taste it. Smoke - This is, rather, strange. The ...”