Blueberry Yum Yum Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Awesome strain. Good for a relaxed, chilled out feeling. Couch locked for hours. Good for sleep, hunger, depression. Just the perfect strain for an easy going day.”

  • “I've been smoking on this strain for almost a month now and I absolutely love it. Since it is a hybrid, it is completely possible to smoke a fat bowl then go to work and be happy the whole shift 😍 blueberry yum yum is extremely uplifting and will definitely make you giggly. I feel like this strain, specifically puts me in a fantastic mood, I love it. I would highly recommend blueberry yum yum for everyone. If you're...”

  • “I have tried 30+ different types of concentrates, and have made my own as well. I am an experienced user who suffers from neuropathy & Rheumatoid arthritis, as well as ADHD. This strain helped me so much that this is the 1st review I have ever written also! This is my favorite so far!”

  • “This is by far my favorite strain. Some who review the strain are mentioning Indica traits, although Indic dominated Blueberry Yum Yum is more of a Sativa type euphoric, happy high with traits of 'Indica. Amazing High, Great taste and weed on the planet if you ask me. Be careful of knock off BYY -- other Blue strains are out there, all are good but none as Good as BYY. You can not go wrong with any Blue ...”

  • “Defiantly felt more Indica kinda effects from this strain. Nice before bed or for chilling in the evening.”

  • “Great strain! I always wanted to try it because of the Ludacris song, and I finally got to the other day (: Awesome taste, great high! Definitely an indicate dominant, but the sativa feel is easily noticeable (it's just an all around potent strain). I'm not sure if I like Agent Orange or BYY better, but it's definitely top 2 for me right now!”

  • “This was the strain i've always wanted to try. Brand new pipe and grinder, new strain and im set. The initial hit was über harsh, and so i hit it again. Normally I get that resiny taste from ganja but this had a sweet nectar/berry taste that i had been craving. Thank God for the men who put it in my hood, its got me singing melodies I never thought I would! After effects included dry mouth (which wasn't super bad),...”

  • “6/30/16( 1:24 am) I did this hybrid 20mins ago the head high is definitely there. Body high is there as well but on the verry mild side. The effects on my body is a super heavy dryness and rednes in my eyes. This strand feels to me like the cooler cousin of bd. My vision is clear i feel like i could use this durring the day while driving around town. I feel uplifted effects along with happines and a mild hunger whic...”