Bubbleberry Reviews

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  • “i got a good story with this strain, during my freshman year in highschool we went to the prom and I brought a .9 joint of bubbleberry, first time I smoked bubbleberry and it was in the schools bathroom, well 5 minutes later the whole hallway and dance room reaked of weed, threw the roach in the toilet and it was the most cheerful uplifted high, teachers stopped the dance and told everyone "we know someone's smoking ...”

  • “way back when, you smoked whatever weed your dealer had. the advent of legal weed in washington (first medical, then recreational) has made it possible to approach weed the way wine connoisseurs approach wine, reveling in all the differences. with (supposedly) 2500+ strains out there, there's no way anyone's going to try them all, but I've been attempting to get a sense of what's out there in the brave new world of c...”

  • “my Bubbleberry came from Colorado and has a nice sweet fruity smell with an even sweeter taste(especially when vaped). overall really good uplifting strain I'd highly recommend it if you get the opportunity to try it”

  • “felt this one immediately! very potent very frosty amd dense. simply love it”

  • “Happiness :) No stress”

  • “Mellow, sleepy high, very reliable. Tastes a bit like tootsy rolls.”

  • “Great sativa/indica with a great potencial, taste and ODOR! Beautiful enjoyment! 10/10”

  • “I've been looking for a strain that could help with my depression while simultaneously combat the chronic muscle spasms in my low back. I tried strains that had high ratings in pain relief/stress relief/uplifting/happy but none of them did the job quite like this one. It's nice to have Bubbleberry because it doesn't make me unbearably sleepy while treating my pain. It gives me a very relaxed, smiley attitude without ...”