Cali Gold Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I had to go do some last minute gift shopping, I hate shopping, but I smoked some of this beforehand. Wow, this "task" soon turned into a treat. I was loving the Christmas lights and not even minding the other shoppers. For me shopping involves the following: knowing exactly what you want, finding it, then leaving as soon as possible. But it was completely different with Cali Gold. What a great time. It kind of seems...”

  • “really good strain just tried it 1 of my favorites”

  • “Great strain, excellent light citrus notes on the nose, fresh grassy smell when grinded with and real nice citrus undertones with a piney, tangy finish the taste is of lemongrass at first pull but turns more into a more herbish type flavor...great bud depending on how much you smoke you can be functional high or lazy high lol I like to be lazy high at the end of the day...great bud I highly recommend it...”

  • “my head is like wow”

  • “Pretty hard strain to find. I'd recommend trying it if you find some. Not my all time favorites, but definitely worth the experience.”

  • “This strain makes me sleepy but boy do I love it! Puts me out like a light within a couple hours. It makes me feel like my entire body is being massaged. It is very potent. I smoke this strain to relieve back pain.”

  • “It's very nice. It helps with the pain it also has me feeling happier and lifted. I feel as though it will help me get to sleep.”

  • “cal gold is a very romantic almost makes you feel as your being very naughty . some of my fam even say that there romance with in there marriage has risen to a hole nother level I know this for a factor I'm a ex fighter and server biopoler in the mean way and I never think about fighting 89% of the time well enjoy slowly love life out for now”