Champagne Kush Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • hi2

    “Excellent. Switches your mood ... quickly. A powerful high. It's special and I wish I could buy it again. Super cerebral. There's a body high as well.”

  • “I was a bit skeptical when I heard the name but within a few drags I could understand why it is called as such. It leaves a sort of fermented flavor in the mouth much like the aftertaste of a glass of sparkly. Sweet smelling and potent - the high hit me like a brick of euphoria and relaxation.”

  • “This strain was the smoothest I've ever smoked so far. I got to take gravities, and the first I got a nice chill high then the second I was just having a good time. All my stress was relieved. What I loved the most about this hybrid strain was I still had a sense of alertness and self-control. I was playing some GTA, and I drove great haha Just my mental and physical capabilities were all there. I did get some light ...”

  • “Migraine pain comin on; nausea 4 when I medicated round 2130 or so. Takes bout 5 min to start working. Body high perfect. Head buzz heavy; perfect for insomnia. NO ANXIETY/PARANOIA (an absolute must for me). Takes sweet/berries. Omg, I want to go sleepies now....zzzzz.... highly recommend for late evening/before bed use for pain/nausea.”

  • “Listening to "Champagne High"by Sister Hazel and smoking this great tasting strain, is pure bliss!”

  • “Really enjoyed the last batch of this I tried. Very lovely light green nugs with just oodles of hairs. The scent is kind of a lovely cheese funky smell to me but the taste is tingly on your tongue and nose, just like sippin' champagne. Or at least some champipple. For me this was a 50/50 hybrid kind of pain relief and cerebral effects but not at all overwhelming. Better for day use than night use in my experience. Bu...”

  • “Not hard on the lungs. Doesn't make you feel paranoid or sleepy. Makes you think about yourself more not the outside world. Good for meditation, relaxing on your own. It seems when you come down, it makes you really hungry.”

  • “Smells great, light and crisp sensation. Awesome as a daily med, however the effect does not last long.”