Cherry Thunder Fuck Reviews

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  • “This strain will knock you on your ass if not careful, the taste of cherries is overwhelming on the exhale and provides a nice hybrid stone making the body and upper back feel very pain free and the mind has a slight noticeable buzz, great strain for evening, or night, I would not wake and bake with this as it is very strong!”

  • “• Curaleaf just keeps gettin' it 🍒 better+better! • Their Cherry🍒Thunder Fuck is 💣& up to T-26%! Beautiful 🍒🌲aroma+flavor, decent terp profile + smooth, easy smoke, leaning on sativa-side of hy-brid in terms of being an excellent choice as an energizing + productive daytime smoke. Creativity is sparked, (& arousal is heightened too!) — this is a 5-⭐️ underrated, hidden 💎GEM💎 of a strain.. its anti-anxiety|dep...”

  • “Very uplifting I feel like I can do some shit ya know? The slightest hint of cherry sends it off nicely ! Very energetic very focused !”

  • “• Happily smoking-again, Curaleaf's THC-21.4% hybrid pre-roll ⚡️Cherry 🍒 Thunder 🌩 Fuck ⚡️• • .. a personal fave, i 'Added Strain'|proxied-for its' inclusion almost a year ago bc Every☝️should ex-perience & enjoy this euphoric aphrodisiac⚡️ sativa-leaning🔥hybrid-hero 🍒💣 • (Bring to bed & be the hero of your home ❤️with this 5⭐️) • • Lineage-flavors on-point & in sweet harmony —> 🍒🍇🍓🍋 make beautiful 🎶 for ...”

  • “Sweet cherry fuck... Very uplifting euphoric funny happy high. Could not stop laughing. Very strong, don't need much for immediate effect. Not a paranoid high at all. One of favorite strains so far. Smells like citrus basil amazing. Head high, not a body high. But a very calming head high. Could not personally do before needing to function during the day... Definitely has a couch lock after. For an Indica lover, this...”

  • “Wow... Had three pulls on this from my water bong and it turned this seasoned vet into a noob fast. I can get prone to anxiety when smoking some sativa heavy strains but thought I mostly learned to handle the controls. Boy was I wrong. Simultaneously sunk into the couch and experienced a big head buzz. Hax a great time but made me mildly paranoid and awake during bedtime. Treat this one with respect.”

  • “So I stay pretty steady with my strains. This is one I love when it comes around. It's great 1st with mood. It's makes me smile and giggle and want to eat. I get it from arrow alternative care in CT. It smells like heaven! A heavy fruity smell. Cherry would be spot on! I have people smell it and try to guess the fruit. I'm looking for some requirements in my medicine. It has to calm me down. It has to help with pai...”

  • “A beautiful strain to the eye. Leaves tended to be on the darker side. Wonderful earthy smell with overtones of pine and cherry. Bold, citrus taste. As for the high, I'd say it's both calming and euphoric. One could argue that it has the ability to sedate. Overall, I'd definitely recommend to a friend.”