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Chloe Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Absolutely 5 star worth. I believe we grade too highly on Leafly but this is award winning for a reason. One pass through a grinder and Chloe could almost be mistaken for Kief! Simply incredible Battle Born strain. Enough OG to be west coast but still it's own.”

  • “Excellent day time strain. I use this as a wake and bake. You can feel your mind wake up with motivation and creativity. Although it is a very uplifting strain I never received a hint of anxiety or paranoia. Balanced between cerebral and body effects.”

  • “Outstanding and available in Vegas at Medizin”

  • “Has us up and dancing in the kitchen ! Love this strain ❤️”

  • “All I can say is wow. One of the best strains I have ever had. Super”

  • “Thee best strain from Medizin! It's my go to strain at the moment. The taste is great and the high is the best kind for my conditions. I can use it for daytime use and at night. I definitely would recommend to everyone. They have them in prerolled so you can always have that option to sample.”

  • “I'm happy that I had a chance to try this strain. Can't seem to get my hands on it as of late. I heard Medizin, a local dispensary in Las Vegas, will be carrying soon. Can't wait!”

  • “Chloe is an award winning flower for a reason. It offers some OG-like qualities and holds a very unique aroma. Very hard to get your hands on”