Four Star General Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Whew Whee! New top dawg! The nug crumbles up nice and easy! Great for shows!Almost eliminates the need for a grinder...intense head high! True to its description, very dreamy. Followed by a nice body buzz. Overwhelming sense of calmness washes over you!”

  • “It's a good, long lasting head high. Even though it did give me pretty bad cotton mouth it is a really good strain. But it tastes great and is very loud.”

  • “If you like Chemdawg you will absolutely love this strain. It's like smoking four different Dawgs in one. I just loaded a bowl in my bong after work and I feel very relaxed. I feel like it's going a movie marathon night. Netflix suggestions?”

  • “A very euphoric and uplifting head high that lasted a very long time before the relaxing side kicked in which did not make me sleepy but pleasantly relaxed.”

  • “This was he most euphoric and energetic high I have ever had. I enjoyed some Four Star General before my 8 hour shift at McDonald's and i was very productive. Got many compliments from guests. Time flew by so fast. But this does cause very red eyes. Dont forget the drops for work!”

  • “I just absolutely love this dispensary an the bud they carry I'll be going here from now on”