Frisian Dew Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Super easy to grow outdoor! Smell is very exotic, mango, pine, peppery. Taste is more pine and licorice. High is perfectly 50/50 head and body sensations. Very tingly and euphoric, but if you stop moving you will feel very sedated and drowsy. Overall it's good, but definitely more of a evening bud.”

  • “AutoFrisian Dew is a AutoFem variety developed outdoors in Holland and especially developed for outdoor growing in Northern climates. A friend of mine growed it by himself. The plant was beautiful! The taste as well as the smell are awesome... Some kind of lemon very fruity... I just vaped it and loved the aroma, but the high was a strong body stoned and made me nervous, anxious and depressed. I vaped it about 3-4...”

  • “Grew this here at Rainbeaux Farms, Portland Oregon Medical Marijuana Growers after a long search finding a mellow out strain to mostly control PTSD. Found it has many successful interactions with other symptoms of other medical conditions. Will add photos of this to allow you to identify the strain from fakes.”

  • “The batch I had the pleasure of smoking/vaping came from TCC in Mesa. The flat buds were a dark forest green with a few seeds in each one. Not much to look at, but after vaping a bowl in my Arizer Solo I was high high high! Oh man, no lie this flower is Very potent! It has a clean piney, slightly fruity flavor and leaves you with a powerful head high, loads of creative thinking and tons of energy. What a sleeper she...”

  • “This is the only strain I hVe found that completely wipes out pain. The first 20 to 15 minutes will erase anxiety. After that the pain aspect kicks in. Feels like there is a coolest being sprayed through your body. Then the pain is gone, I have MS,fibromyalgia, arthritis, sciatica and severe IB, on top of comp,ex PTSD and anxiety. This strain works for all of it ! I never wNt to be without Frisian again.”

  • “Real nice aroma a but like honey and lavender and smooth smoke 9/10 i would rate it:D”

  • “Light, good smell - not too strong. Feeling the effects from smoking rather fast, other strains take double the time. Very relaxing, but thankfully doesn't put me to sleep. Makes me laugh a lot, also getting an incredible focus. More on the side of a body high, however head high not neglectable. All in all a pretty good strain, if it wasn't for the awful dry mouth I constantly get, it could be higher on my personal f...”

  • “smoked both purple and green bud from this strain. friend of a friend grew it outdoor in north european climate. wet and cold. couldnt believe the return from plant and beautiful smoke. excellent for depression”