Glass Apple Reviews

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  • “Just picked this up about 40 minutes ago from Native roots. I got a joint and this is a great day time strain. I am a lot more energetic & happy. "uplifting" is the word I'm looking for. As we speak I am high af and can function very well. I actually don't mind small talk with my customers. I don't recommend smoking this at night if you're trying to get some sleep. It is definitely a more adventurous type of smoke....”

  • “This review is on Glass Apple flower/shatter by Native Roots. The flower version of this really surprised me! It does indeed smell just like a peeled green apple. I tried the concentrate version of this strain way before trying the flower and I never really got that green apple flavor, it was always more of a pineapple, regardless both are delicious. The buds are small but heavily trichomed and have a very comp...”

  • “The first breath I tried of this seriously reminded me of green apple jolly rancher--just much less intense. The flavor is subtle, but there is a definite apple taste to it. VERY nice strain. It creates an uplifting happy feeling, with lots of motivation to get things done. Definitely one of my favorite strains.”

  • “Smells just like a green apple!”

  • “This is my first time trying Glass Apple. So far the prof is in the blunt. The aroma is light but smells like Granny Smith just cut apples up to make a pie. When I first lit it, I was experiencing the start of a headache. Now, about 20 minutes later I feel my headache dissipating and no longer feeling like I'm having a headache at all. I wish this was a lie, but I got more relief from Glass Apple than taking a pill. ...”

  • “I was highly productive and active, not suffering any symptoms except some dry mouth, which I washed down with water infrequently. I cleaned and organized and ran errands.”