Green Ribbon Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My first time giving a strain a perfect 10! Thank you GTA in Phoenix for this fine specimen. 50/50 effects. Two hits out of the bubbler was all i needed for hours. And then I watched this a nice complement to the dosage. Very cerebral and psychoactive effects at first then a very fun and functional stone for way longer than i expected. I smoke not only for medicinal but also...”

  • “One of only two strains I've ever smoked that's given me energy. I find that my thoughts are very focused, and I can carry on conversations exceptionally well. Great strain for sitting around and talking. Very social strain. It actually made me want to dance!”

  • “Green Ribbon - The best strain I have found found daytime pain relief. Functional and energizing. I must say that i prefer smoking this strain over vaporizing, when I vaped it made me tired when it wore off. Green Ribbon, like I had, top 3 strain for me.”

  • “No nonsense sativa. Great taste and smell!”

  • “Dense ore like nugs of light green blood orange hairs with milky trichomes abound one of my favorite strains to smoke out of my Tsunami® bubbler. Breezin like George Benson on a summer day”

  • “Smoked this strain yesterday and about 10 min in I was ready to tackle house work. I have back pain due to breaking my lower back as a kid. Pain was gone! I did notice that emotions were amplified, hubby and I watched Furious 7 and it was intense. All around I loved the energy you get with Green Ribbon and will def use this many more times. ❤️”

  • “Great strain for morning and day time use. Provided me with plenty of energy and no paranoia. Try some if you ever come across it, you will not be disappointed.”

  • “This strain is like a great drive in golf. It takes off fast and low and then just starts riding higher to perfection. She's a real beauty!”