Haoma Mist Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Just tried, and succeeded in making my own tincture using this aromatic yumm yumm of a strain. Used the vegetable glycerin and did the three stage cook and strain... works so good. final stage cheese cloth strained powerhouse concentrate! Full of flavors. all sweet! nausea gone. fatigue gone. mind elevated. body relaxed eyes blazing red mouth extremely dry”

  • “Tilray patient review here. I love the smell and flavour of this strain. It is sweet honey, floral, and fruity in taste and smell. Within minutes I feel relaxation in my face and head which slowly creeps into my body to provide pain relief. The head high is pretty powerful and great for anxiety and stress relief. I don't feel tired but I don't feel like this is giving me energy or wakefulness. I think I can easily b...”

  • “Im fairly new to the medicinal world and have been experimenting with different strains trying to find the right one. Sativas and I don't get along. I wasn't going to order this as there were no reviews yet, but it arrived today and I have to say, I'm impressed. No anxiety whatsoever. Right away my body began to relax and my pain started to drop off. My mood became more elevated and my busy mind slowed down so focus ...”