Ice Queen Reviews

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  • “Migraine pain 4; nausea 8; anxiety 9 when I medicated round uh.... sometime round 2000 or so? Takes bout 10 min to start working. Pain/nausea gone. I can't say no anxiety as my disorder has been outta control lately. But this strain helped me function when I felt like I was losing my mind. In the literal sense. So thank Jesus, dis strain works! Body high allowed me to eat dinner & pass out after da strain wore off 3+...”

  • “Hello! I have recently been only dabbing everyday for the last year and a half, everyday all day like Nick Swardson. For awhile many "awesome" strains have come and gone but none that really hit me like Ice Queen. Two dabs of relatively large size within thirty minutes of each other, makes you hesitant to do the third. This strain is a long lasting, strong sativa dominant hybrid that leaves your whole body feeling y...”

  • “This is one of my favorite strains! It smells and tastes great, and gives me a bit of energy while leaving me relaxed feeling.”

  • “Smells great and then kept giving me a headache when smoking it.”

  • “If you're looking for focus and creativity, here is your go-to. I've tried countless strains and nothing comes close. The body buzz starts in the eyes and forehead, moving its way downward throughout your body with a floaty, tingling sensation while lifting you upward physically, mentally, and emotionally; No couch lock here. Then, a swell of euphoria and a beautiful emotional awareness that spurs creative clarit...”

  • “This strain gives an extreme amount of energy. Everyone that has tried it ends up doing ninja style air punching and jumping on the trampoline. Great for a morning session with coffee to get motivation for the day! The smell is wonderful.. a fruity/piney. Beautiful covered with white crystals and blue/purp leaves.”

  • “Tried the co2 cartridge of ICE QUEEN from WHO? Walking Happy Oil, and its gonna be one of my favs! Super uplifting and relaxing. LOVE IT! Thurman Street Collective is pack with there co2 cartridges. Amazing spot they have, one of a kind for sure.”

  • “One of my all time favorite strains. Gets you pretty high without being overwhelming. Not too heavy, great head high, and it puts you in a good mood. Really nice for doing activities and playing games.”