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Morning Star Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Ever since I obtained my MMJ card, I have been on a constant search for the perfect strain for anxiety, as well as one that will let me be energetic and get things done. This "Morning Star" strain is definitely in my top 5. I tried it based on reviews from this site, and was not disappointed. The color is deep, almost looks outdoor grown. The buds I got initially taste a little dirty, but still sharp and skunky. The ...”

  • “2016 02.24 - Wednesday - 5:45pm: Couldn’t sleep was very tired but couldn’t sleep. Asked for some pot that wouldn’t keep me up like JACK HERER does but wouldn’t make the head hurt like HARLEY MANDALA. I had forgotten all about MORNING STAR and brought it into The Decompression Chamber and grinded some up, packed a bowl and wrote the following after taking two hits: MORNING STAR: Batch #: 151112 THC: 15.20% CBD: 0.4...”

  • “Got this strain nice hard buds great smell really stinky. great everyday smoke makes u feel just no worries trough out your day.”

  • “Well there isn't a lot bad or good about this bud. It's actually great for people that like to smoke but usually have stuff to do during the day. It doesnt last very long and it isn't very strong...but it's real pretty and does give me a good cerebral, or head high. Absolutely no couch lock, I smoked it and went for a walk, nature was very pretty and walking was just fun.”

  • “A safe, mellow, pleasant high that lets you sink into a good creative session. it doesn't get you too cerebral, but it focuses you and lets you concentrate while feeling relaxed. also, uplifting and chill. makes you go with the flow. not abrasive. love reggae and hip hop something with an up beat, but smooth. lovely. comforting. warm, yet stimulating. just like the name implies. a bit euphoric. positive. optimistic...”

  • “Great for wake and bake, and for throughout the day when focus is needed. Kind of floral smell and taste, a great overall strain”

  • “Creating reality before my eyes!”

  • “Great strain, not the best but very close to it.”