Mt. Rainier Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “tried this about 6 months ago, have not run across it since but would buy again. similiar to jack herer with a bit more relaxation on the end of the buzz. buds were very frosry and dense for a sativa.”

  • “It was a very relaxed happy high. very euphoric and not sleepy, definitely something to smoke during the day. very tasty.”

  • “Great high, wonderful hybrid. Not too sleepy, not too uplifted. Very nice body relaxation.”

  • “I picked up half oz of this for roughly $70 and since the first time I rolled it in paper and smoked it, it's been my favorite strain in my recreational habit. It's definitely Indica Dominant and you will feel that immediately. When it hits me I immediately feel the tensions and stress I dealt with throughout the day disappear and muscles loosen up as my body and mind wind down. One of the things I appreciate most a...”

  • “Decent on a budget... Positives: cheap, not harsh Negatives: Less than poor longevity, mild strength @16%. Also got INSANE cotton mouth.”

  • “Pretty dam good.”

  • “This strain is so tasty. It smells like Christmas to me somehow, like butter cookies. light colored, frosty nugs with orange hairs. The smoke is delicious.”

  • “Awesome high.... easily one of my wife and I's favorite strains. Great mix of a head and body high. This is our go to strain for sure.”