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NYC Diesel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “A clear relative to Sour Diesel, this strain has a strong stench but a contradicting light aromatic burn. Personally it makes me FUCKING HORNY, but other benefits include peaceful, tranquil, and calming effects. Try new things while using this strain, music, movies, theater, art. Go for a walk in the park. Will not make you paranoid, just dizzy ;-)”

  • “My new favorite from Ravens Grass, New York Diesel. What a Sour D. variant should be like! If you enjoy Cin-x and Jack Herer, check out the New York Diesel now at The Novel Tree. 22.13 THC,”

  • “This NYC Diesel strain is a real class find. It's like if Sour Diesel is a nice cut of tenderloin steak, then NYC Diesel is the Morton's steak with the barrel-aged, rye whiskey limited edition steak sauce that you bought on the side of the road from a guy in Kentucky one time. Oh yeah. The high itself can be potent too, and a good cut will smell like a lime tree that grows grapefruits. And it doesn't have a dizzy or ...”

  • “picked up an eighth because I wanna get out and try new strains for anxiety and I was not disappointed at all this actually is my new number 1. had 3 sessions with it during some moments where I was a little on edge and was completely relieved and the best part is there's no paranoia at all towards anything to make me stress it's a fantastic strain and really appreciate it's medicinal and very strong psychoactive eff...”

  • “Titled 'Blue City Diesel' Actually felt giggly, goofy and talkative”

  • “11 STARS! Like a day in the Big🍏..Fast, Focused, F'n FUN! A ClearHeaded Positive hybrid for sure. Up-Mellow Kind Pure Balanced Sweet ENERGY!..AnyTime, 24/7/365..Nice 4 wake'nbake. Hippy Chick Approved, Smiles &Giggles Galore. Muscle-Melt Alert!_ Happy 💚, Open mind, Body BLISS! NYD literally Crushes my Chronic Fatigue/Pain. Calm Contentment + Peaceful Thoughts enhance my Yoga. Ethereal Ectazy...May I suggest a...”

  • “i think that for halloween, this flower should dress as "STANKENSTIEN". i ran 28g of fresh nugs in yo a long, slow heat purge, and the pale yellow extract i ended up with split my goddamn wig back. super smooth, diesel- chemical taste, pungent citrusy lime terps, no cough on the finish. i quicly realized the pebble sized dab was about twice as big as. was needed, but what the fuck? i enjoy so much the menopausal hot ...”

  • “• trying Theraplant's holy thc-¡29!% sativa🌱for 1st time as I write.. upon diesel-y smooth exhale, i had to stable myself for the euphoric 🤛 in face!.. & i could def stop here 💨 – ¡quite happily high! –💨 if it were in my nature. But since it's not😉& bc this is a 💣 heavy-hitter, i proceed w/curious caution • • Flavor's👌🏻on-point–>🌲🍋w/lime-y undertones & has impressive terpene profile. I'm only 3 hits-in, but...”