Pink Panther Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “My dispensary gave me an extra gram for my order, so I thought I'd try the Pink Panther after having read an article about it. Apparently, it's a rename of Etta Seeds' Pink Plant. I experienced a little couchlock, felt like I could just sit and chill without feeling like I was going to pass out and go to sleep. Very uplifting for me, with a decent amount of creativity boost. The pain in my foot from an old injury wa...”

  • “Great fruity strain. Strong euphoric high! Great for chillin with friends. Happy weed!”

  • “I'm not a huge kush guy, but the pink panther was one of the few kush strains that I enjoyed. Flower cures and looks amazing and smells good too.”

  • “Got this at Old Toby in Chehalis, WA. See pictures and detailed reviews on my blog - -- Brand: Orgrow Strain: Pink Panther Sativa-dominant Hybrid-- Potency Analysis: TTL 24.17% THC/a 19.99% CBD 0.19% THCv 22.82% -- Packaging: 6" x 1" pink plastic stickered tube Cost: $15/1 gram net weight filtered conical joint -- The smell off this was super-candy fruity with the least little tang of diesel underneath. ...”

  • “Very mellow strain, great for beginners. Smoking a small joint takes you for a nice lull, sort of like being in a boat along calm waters. Zero paranoia and anxiety just elated feelings of happiness and overall euphoria.”

  • “Don't usually like sativa dominate strains but got this anyway. The smell is probably the yummiest of any bud I've ever had, the taste just like it smells. the buzz is hard hitting at first then relaxes after about 10 minutes to the happiest and most lovable high. snuggle up with someone or something and watch loony tunes. it the happy euphoric buzz of the sativa with the body drag of a potent Indicia. Not for thos...”

  • “Got this delivered to my door by my dispensary. Lab tested to be 24% THC if i remember correctly. This strain has a very nice piney smell and the aroma is STRONG so if you are trying to hide it, put it in a mason jar (smell proof)! The taste of the strain is really earthy/piney/earthy and it is surprisingly smooth. Barely coughing with this strain but it still gets you REALLY high. The high is really nice. It is a b...”

  • “One of the coolest strains I've found so far. Great by itself- a bit of a creeper. Unique, however, because of of its synergistic effects when blended with high energy sativas like Super Silver Haze or J-13. It not only brings out the best in other strains, but it adds an ethereal overtone to everything, especially when blended with already-cerebral strains like Northern Lights and such. Definitely a favorite and one...”