Platinum Wreck Reviews

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  • “O. Pen Platinum Wreck: Thanks to my Personal Budtender at YHS for an outstanding recommendation!...Perfect Anti-Anxiety Medicine😍 plus dials back pain and inflammation...Get outa da way, Arthritis! The HIGH, you ask?? 🚀Over The Moon🚀 Kick-Ass THC has me feelin' like a KindAstronaut420!... Soooo Relaxing and Calming in Body/ Mind, BIG Euphoria Benefit, Creativity-Made-More-Fun!! I'm loving this Amazing Strain ...”

  • “By far one of my favorites. I'm not gay, but it tastes like a honeybee jacked off in my mouth. The high is so fun and happy go kiss a stranger high!”

  • hi2

    “Perfect after work weed. Gives you just the right amount of energy to get things done... relaxing at the same time. You feel light as a feather as you float through the evening. Puts a smile on your face as well.”

  • “definitely a top shelf favorite this is my first time trying it two drags in and I'm pretty well into the buzz and can already say this exceeded the high expectations I had for this strain. very great grape and citrus taste can't really say I've had tastier bud definitely a new favorite”

  • “Focused and intense head high balanced out by a mellow body high. great daytime strain for getting tasks done and enjoying your day.”

  • “This one may have just made it into my list of all-time favorites. Great day or night. Powerful effects but won't put you in couch lock. Stanky, sticky and tasty. 5 stars for sure.”

  • “Good strain for stress and is also a mood changer depending on dosage”

  • “One of my favorite strains so far! Great sweet taste and the high is fun as hell!”