Red Poison Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Growing right now and at about 8 weeks, but I would say 10 is more accurate of a time period. I tried to upload pics, but they failed. Anyways, lots of resin on the buds and leaves, mine just started to color into a deep reddish purple.”

  • “This thing smelled so AMAZING. Smell is very uniquely sweet smelling, grape scent, just over all amazing my favorite smelling. Has a very enjoyable high, feel really good and relaxed with a good bit energy to get things done but relaxing enough for night use. Has a strong spacey feeling that feels like your floating on a cloud. feeling with excellent amount of pain relief. Bud was pure purple, looked beautiful. ...”

  • “I love this strain. An Automatic that can deliver the mind numbing, body melting stone that helps with arthritis pain and swelling, along with not having to worry about being anxious or paranoid is a major plus. I am a compulsive control freak suffering for PTSD and this is my go to bedtime medicine. I sleep great, it halts the nightmares and allows me to face the world.”

  • “Almost to nice to smoke. 8 weeks from seed got almost 2oz a plant. Never grown a auto before so was amazed how fast they growed. Pretty good stone just don't smoke to much and sit down cause u might not get up for awhile :)”

  • “bueno , una muy buena variedad del banco español Sweet Seeds, cultivada en indoor bajo 150w sodio con un ciclo luminico de 20/4 , responde muy bien a los nutrientes y es una planta muy fácil de cultivar, da cosechas generosas a pesar de la baja potencia lumínica y en una maceta definitiva de 11L, en temas de aroma, en el cultivo tiene un aroma claramente dulce y suave, no muy pasoso, la pigmentación morada que promet...”

  • “so far it's growing beautifully haven't smoked it but it looks and smells great it has a gasoline smell with a hint of berries or fruit it takes longer than 8 wks so be patient mine is on week 9 and its still going started the flush it should be done by wk 10-11 will do a smoke review when its done”

  • “I grew 4 of these at the same time, one got nice and fat with lots of red and purple in it, the other three where much smaller, but all of them smelled so sweet like fruity pebbles cereal. It yielded 2 dry ounce of killer bud love it I would grow it again.”

  • “Great high, steady waves, a little hard on the throat. Definitely put me to bed so handle all your affairs for the day before enjoying. A nap very well may be in the future lol.”