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Riddler OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “My buddy runs a grow-op and coined the name Riddler for this strain several years ago. The story is he received some seeds from a vendor but nobody knew what it was, so when he was growing it he marked the pots with a ?. Someone mentioned it reminded them of the Riddler from Batman, thus Riddler was born. Unless someone cross references the strain DNA, nobody will know what it actually is but it seems to have taken a...”

  • “I am starting to realize that when medicating with hybrids one may experience the results they seek, but piggybacking along are some effects may be adverse. This hybrid is no exception. Middle of the road body effects was what I was after and that was delivered in long lasting waves of relief. Then the Indica bomb dropped. All energy zapped. Mood shifted from bright and warm to gloomy and sedated. Tastes great, kind...”

  • “hey shalom its your favorite florist from bed stuy Brooklyn coming to with amazing strained i swear i was the first in nyc to have it and its now out of stock...strong pungent nice 5hr buz not as fluffy but will make up where ot counts ...your favorite florist signing out ...coming soon BLUE BERRY PIE YUMMY”