Russian Rocket Fuel Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
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  • “Rrf is advertised as ready from seed to harvest in 10 weeks. Maybe some do, but mine took 5 months to mature. The flowering period was agonizingly long. However, I think it was worth the wait now that it's done. The plant produced very large buds, and the high is a great energetic, sativa-like high that is hard to find in auto-flowering varieties. It really does have a subtle fuel scent, but doesn't taste like chemi...”

  • “Short Stuff Seeds Russian Rocket fuel strain is the result of crossing a heavy indica strain with very dense resinous buds with automatic NYC diesel which adds an exotic high and deeply fruity smell to the mix. This strain gives off a wonderful fuel-like aroma and really packs a punch. Lurking in the genetic make up of Short Stuff Seeds Russian Rocket Fuel is a monster This is an auto-flowering strain”

  • “On of the best strains i have grown (photo or auto). Harvested at 67 days from seed. Every time i smoke it, i am feeling happy like there is no care in the world. I will grow again.”

  • “I have grown 5 plants on five grows (1 each grow). Easy to grow in dirt. Ready in 65-70 days. Yield is close to 2 ounces per plant. extreme high that lasts long. This is an auto dwarf that is easy to grow with a decent yield and high is awesome. Great for stealth growers as mine get to 18'' every time.”

  • “I smoked some RRF that was featured in High Times and grown in Breck. Really strange tasting, like beef, but it got me fuucked.”

  • “Great for those with stomach/ digestive issues.. Or feeling under the weather in general i suppose.. But certainly helps with the nausea and lack of appetite!!”

  • “Even organically grown it tastes like weird chemicals. High resin, nice looking buds. Buds tend to have a higher leaf rate which can hurt the quality of the high.”

  • “really good when ur sick”