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  • “Woah... I didn't sign on for this. Lasted so damn long. I got the bottom of the jar of some other bud, which had some of this mixed in with it. Holy smokes! I got high, two hours later I drove home once it ebbed and it hit again when I got home. It went on for the rest of the day like that with the high coming and going. I went to sleep, woke up still high. Went back to sleep again. It took hours before I was complet...”

  • “I normally don't use much Sativa since I have fibromyalgia and I like the Indica muscle relaxant effects, but I need a good Sativa for the day so I thought I would try it. Very gentle smoke, and within minutes cleared my "Fibro Fog" and got rid of my muscle spasms (head/torso) and my headache dissolved. I was able to focus and have energy to do my light web work I do. This is a nice strain and it will probably be a r...”

  • hi2

    “Feeling a bit "blah" in the morning. Coffee, juice and S.A.G.E will change your attitude and fast! You'll be smiling and dancing around the room. Not at all spacey. This strain is a must for all of you sativa lovers. It's in my top 5.”

  • “Picked up some excellent SAGE from Nature's AZ and it is amazing! Tested around 20% THC, perfectly cured sticky goodness. One of the finest strains Ive ever smoked in my 20 plus years of smoking. This is exactly what i want out of my meds, uplifting positive vibrations for your soul.”

  • “We got a great deal in town, $25 for an eighth of Sage. This strain is very very airy and light. The nugs are not dense, but cotton ballish and seemingly made up mostly of pale orange hairs. It smells awesome, like a bright pine autumn day, haha. It smokes very very quickly, like a bong rip will blast most of the bowl, and tastes woody.. fading out as a pear like fruit taste. It's surprisingly potent for how light it...”

  • “I have this awesome strain more than 10 years. My own selected mother is 7year old, because its one of few great strains for me and my head. SAGE have strong celebral effect . Great to cure your stress, insomnia, pain, good appetite suppressant with beautifful natural smell and taste. I recommend to people looking for a strong sativa effects”

  • “One hell of a strain. I just smoked quarter of a spliff and my mind is on overdrive. I generally smoke and listen to electro-chill music, it's insane. I feel like the music is being controlled by me, I can hear the music in my head perfectly and detect every single nuance. All sounds in the room are amplified and echoed. I'm so aware of everything, I feel like I'm taking everything in so much that it's confusing. ...”

  • “It's a thick high...everything around you is real dense/heavy. Colors have an almost overwhelming eye-catchingness. Laid back, distant body feel - yet oddly thrilling and energized resulting in a complex array of sensations. Extremely short attention...every little thing is impressive and dramatic. Feels like living in a movie. Squirmy tingliness in your gut. Very arousing! A straight up aphrodisiac. You can see your...”