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Shark Bite Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “super good!! its hard to come across. when i did, i got both the flower and the wax and both were amazing.”

  • “Considering I asked the bud tender to recommend a good sativa, I was disappointed after smoking this then trying to clean my room. This is probably an indica dominated hybrid so besides my first expectations, I love how much it mellows me out. Sometimes I get munchies and other times I get nauseous but that's typical for me and concentrates. I wouldn't recommend this for anyone wanting to be too active. Although smok...”

  • “Potent fiddy/fiddy hybrid, dank as hell”

  • “super dank”

  • “Only good for sleep, but the best for it. Great mixed with Cinderella 99.”

  • “Nice fruity flavors via vaping. It seemed to lean on the Sativa side as it gives you a nice head high.”

  • “It gave me a good high it's great if you want a good head high smells really good an it's tasty”

  • “Sampling from a local wa state i-502 registered producer, purchased in Des Moines rec shop. Growers did a fantastic job as far as smoothness. Cure was a little drier than I prefer but overall great quality. No choke on the smoke, smooth as can be with a great earthy spiced tone. Hits you right off the bat like an Indica but quickly mellows out to a body high. Very sociable,body high, typical of quality hybrids. Woul...”