Slimer OG Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “There's only one complaint and it's not really even a complaint, but munchies like a mofo. But being that I'm going through a depression mood shift I don't have much of an appetite.”

  • “Strong stuff. This gets my mind going but stops my body in its tracks. Good for watching a documentary that will get you thinking--but not moving. I also get some nausea from this one which brings it down a notch.”

  • “Soon after smoking this I began to feel warm and relaxed, then I stood up. Hit me like a train. A very uplifting high. Bud smells fruity and sour. A little harsh, but worth it. Definitely worth a try”

  • “Bad ass indica smack you into the couch strain. Very similar to ghost and alien. Pain killer. Stress obliterated.”

  • “I feel more of the sativa side of the strain, great for creativity and relaxing. I feel pretty happy, great strain overall.”

  • “Covered in a white frost with a slight earthy scent. Smooth on the inhale, satisfying on the exhale. Took several minutes to start feeling anything. Slowly eyes start to droop and head high hits. A light feeling with energy and emotions of love and kindness. Excellent euphoric head rush.”

  • “Got me all blitzzzz”

  • “I like the all around uplifting high I can work relax or get brainstorming.... love the genetics strong traits in each bring a cerebral Body high to the perfect dad's new”