Sour Dream Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Good stuff. Smoked some, lost the bowl. Waiting to come down so i can find the bowl again.”

  • “Just picked up and was surprised by the high I got. It smokes smooth and the high is even smoother. Drops you in some giggle fits and some longs conversations. Very social, functional, and fun high. Highly recommended if you want to uplift your day and go out and do something.”

  • “Very good weed, I would love to try this Strain again sometime. It keeps you floating, and keeps you in a great mood. Very euphoric high, its very relaxing, while being very energizing. I recommend this Strain to anyone who has Migraines, Insomnia, Pain, and Lack of Appetite. Highly recommended, give it a try (:”

  • “This is some powerful, sativa-dominant shit. I'm by no means a heavyweight, but this is hardly my first time lighting up a sativa-driven hybrid, and holy shitballs, I could barely handle myself. One small nug of Sour Dream sends me into an intense euphoric state, followed -rapidly- by a tumble down the rabbit hole of what I can best describe as insanity. Complete, nonsense-talking, hysterical-laughing, too-fucked-up-...”

  • “This strain is great to alleviate my IBS and also a great appetite stimulant. Strong diesel taste intially but upon exhale you can taste the sweet tones from its Blue Dream parent.”

  • “(Night time use): I'm able to lay down comfortably and peacefully. Seeing as it's a satvia dominant hybrid, I can feel more of a head high than a body. Being insomniac, i'm used to forcing myself to sleep, but after vaporizing this strain, i'm happy with whatever decision I make. Whether it's laying down until I sleep with happy thoughts running through my mind.. with my legs comfortably paralyzed. Or to get up and d...”

  • “Two amazing pot Allstar strains. Nothing negative to say about this one. Emerald green, very dense with bright orange to almost yellow hairs, all of it covered in enough crystals as to make it look like a new type of frosted flakes. The flavor is basically a sweet version of Sour D, which to me tastes pretty good. The high is very high energy. Only thing is that when you start to come down after a few hours it can be...”

  • “Sour Dream is a very good sativa dominant hybrid, it's exactly what you think, sour diesel crossed with blue dream. With this strain you can actually taste both the SD and the BD, it just tastes amazing & smells even better, a very uplifting and energetic strain great for social gatherings and whatnot. Definitely give it a shot it won't dissapoint.”