Strawberry Diesel Reviews

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Below Average
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  • “Packaged as "Strawberry Sour Diesel". Producer: Kouchlock Productions. THC: 14.2%; CBD: Trace. Purchased at: The Freedom Market, Kelso, WA. Date: 07/08/14 (First day of legal sales in WA.) Price: $25/g (+ $8.23 tax = $33.23 total price). Nice euphoric high. When smoked during the day, was still able to get things done; although, nothing too complex. (Made going to the dog park fun, but you wouldn't want to...”

  • “After reviewing four straight indicas, I've lately felt run down and tired. I have always preferred uplifting sativas, the type that set you going and give you the feeling like you can take on the world. OCPC has grabbed a winner with their Strawberry Diesel. Although there is some Afghani indica tucked into the NYC Diesel, overall, this was the euphoric sativa for which I was looking. The buds of this strain a...”

  • “This strain made me cough a lot, but that just means you got more stoned.. so I love it. Forshure one of my favorites now. It made me feel very creative & dream-like.”

  • “This strain is very special. wow simply Wow. I can't even began to mimic the smell gosh like a bunch of Betty's and shove them in ur nostril ??? That how good it smells like strawberry pie”

  • “I find myself paranoid/anxious on this - if I didn't have better mental discipline, I'd have a panic attack. In fact, I've been working exclusively on 1/8 I bought recently, and I'd say that this strain has been triggering neurosis in me consistently. If I stay positive, it helps me figure things out. But if I get negative, and dwell on my fears, it also helps me figure those things out - in a bad way - by opening...”

  • “11 out of 5. Dude.”

  • “I've been using this strain for over a month now for chronic pain, and my wife has used it with good results as well for gastrointestinal issues. I don't know who the breeder was of the strain that I received in clone form and grew myself, but it's definitely "diesely" with a berry, or fruity overtone. It's a bit harsh, and will get coughin' if you're not careful, but it's stoney and relaxing effect is fairly long la...”

  • “Strawberry Diesel is an incredible high, an awesome medicine, and definitely one of the best strains I've tried. It did cause SEVERE dry eyes, Ben Stein style, so make sure you have eye drops handy! Other than that, I had a great case of the giggles, made me very happy. I slept like a rock after, too. This strain is great.. Right up there with Chernobyl, Girlscout Cookie, and Dead Dawg.”