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Tangie Sunrise Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “This strain is absolutely amazing. It’s got a citrus to it that pairs with sweet diesel notes. It’s awesome to be clear.”

  • “This is my favorite Palomar strain. It's toward a sativa but has enough body high goodness to keep me relaxed and alert- not all amped up. Mmm mm mm.”

  • “I love the taste it's almost refreshing”

  • “The Taste was amazing and so were the giggles”

  • “Good option for new user. Pleasant euphoric effects.”

  • “I’m fairly new to this weed journey so I haven’t tried a lot of hybrid strains, however tangie sunrise is a good start. I picked this up from my local dispensary hoping to try something more in the sativa category. This strain was very strong in my opinion, I can’t finish a bowl without zoning out in between hits! This sativa dominant strain gives you a productive body high and is perfect for a wake and bake.”

  • “Really enjoying this one along with an IPA around 2:00 in the afternoon. Happy and relaxed, but I feel light and good and not drilled to the couch like Indicas often make me feel. Don't get me wrong...I love Indica-dominant strains at the end of the day after a hot shower when I *want* to feel drilled to the couch, but this Tangie Sunrise seems like the better choice for a sunny afternoon when you don't want to be na...”