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Thai Lights Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Look: Crystal-esque, light and fluffy, red hairs, bright green Smell: Spice, sweet, peppery Taste: Peppery, spice Effects: Relaxed/chill, energetic, clear minded, positive mind state, open-mindedness, optimistic, sociable Medical effects: relaxes muscles, helps headaches, dramatically decreases stress and depression, helps with PTSD, clearer vision, helps with lack of appetite Negatives: dry mouth”

  • “My first medicinal purchase! Such a good choice. None of the paranoia that usually accompanies my high. Smells delicious. Amazing smoke, alleviated my back pain very nicely! Going back for seconds!”

  • “First & foremost, Thai Lights (TL) smells amazing. "Clean" is really the first word that comes to mind every time I open its jar at the dispensary I budtend for; Wellness Center of The Rockies, (WCOR) in Denver, Colorado. The dense, dark-green buds are highlighted with bright, almost neon-orange, hairs. TL's frost covered leaves remind me of the 10 inches of snow we just received yesterday. It is a very uplifting str...”

  • “Thai Lights is my new favorite go to. Very smooth. Full body experience with a relaxing feel.”

  • “Greetings. Sweet taste. Relatively quik medicinal effects. Relaxes my leg muscles and makes the chronic spazms vanish. Helps with hunger pains and made me hungry. Thanks mary:)”

  • “splendiferous very very happy 😆”

  • “Just picked this up this morning. Had a slow onset for me, but once it hit it slammed into me like a sledgehammer. Super heady buzz, great body high and insane strength and quality. I wanna give it 5 stars but compared to other strong strains I really enjoy (GDP, Durban Poison, Mag Mile) this one really dried out my eyes and it didn't really make me hungry, but it made my stomach kinda crampy. Also, I didn't really c...”