Urkle Train Haze Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “I've tried every strain at AZ NAT. Selections, and this one is by far my favorite. Heavy hitter; do be careful. Tastes amazing btw”

  • “It's a little schizophrenic...super strong cerebral high up front with a dizzy head... then it settles into someting heavy around the top of your head and drips like melted lead down over your shoulders. You're still a little head stoned, but then it work its ways down to your toes and then you get really really heavy. Good stuff. Maybe not for everyone, but it's definitely for me.”

  • “This is a great strain for daily use. A perfect blend of upbeat foggyness, creativity and motivation. It also cures what ales me. I can't wait to try this in a concentrated form.”

  • “very well balanced high left me feeling really relaxed and focused if that makes sense good flavor I think I prefer just the purple urkel over urkel train haze”

  • “Nice! The taste and smell of this strain are noticeable and very nice. Feeling happy, productive, relaxed, and very hungry. One of my favorites so far. Unique in comparison to others. Lasts awhile. Try it. :)”

  • “AZNS hit one out of the ballpark with this one. So glad it's got it's own tile now. Great job guys! Highly recommend 🍁”

  • “Completely love it! Currently my favorite strain (6.2.16). You want to get outside with this one... road my bike around the city this morning at 4am; 14 miles... was a lot of fun.”

  • “Smell is sublime the taste is so good it's unbelievable. Looks like a sexy God. Very good mix with a uplifting happy effect. Would recommend to anyone. Good creation by these guys will definitely get again.”