Valley Girl Reviews

Good to Very Good
Below Average
Would Not Recommend
  • “Got a sample of this out of Denver that was delicious. Has almost a perfume or floral taste that is very subtle and unique. Nothing very special about the buzz, but maybe the bit that I had wasn't grown to its full potential. I would buy it again for the right price.”

  • “Will knock your socks off!”

  • “Wow. After 10 years of smoking in southern california, Coast 2 Coast in Canoga Park is my pharmacy. I picked up and 8th of their beautiful valley girl og after finding out it was and SFV/Faceoff cross. Ive loved the intensity off Faceoff, but couldnt smoke it without inevitable anxiety if i hit a few too many, so I hoped the SFV would ease that. Oh boy did it. 3c farms are masterful growers with original cuts of the ...”

  • “Valley Girl Nug Run from Prime extractions. I've only been able to find it in The Valley or LA due to its scarcity, great indica dominance, a full body stone with some cerebral head ... Without a doubt one of the tastiest concentrates I've had!”

  • “Just checked out the fat buds from my favorite shop-wow was I shocked. Never heard of this strain, but am now hooked. Great relaxing high and incredible flavor. Try it if you find it”

  • “Very nice Og kind of bud I love the high”

  • “Ca defiantly see the face off in this frosty strains sticky buds with airy nugs”

  • “Valley Girl is an interesting mix of SFV OG and Fire OG - they come together to make a very balanced hybrid. The effect is very euphoric and happy and would be great for those with anxiety or depression. A slight body high but I still feel energetic and ready to tackle the day. The organic cut I got was a little leafy and is lacking on bag appeal, but the high more than makes up for it. 4/5”